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Get The Look: BioShock Infinite

That part in the beginning of BioShock Infinite where you burst through a window. Wait, did that happen in the actual game? I can't seem to remember, suddenly.

Sometimes I wish my fashion blogs and my video game blogs would spend some time together. Unfortunately, video games are not quite as mainstream with the ladies as I’d like for them to be. So while there’s no end of fashion-inspired-by posts for Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Les Miserables, or Firefly, for example, there are no fashion posts for what is easily the most stunning, theatrical, well written, and exciting game I’ve played this year.

Everyone has been going on and on about the story, the combat, and the art of BioShock Infinite. But if you complete the game without noticing the amazing character design and wardrobe choices, take a second look because they’re incredible. (Please note, this is not a cosplay post. There is actually a wealth of information on video game cosplay, and BioShock Infinite is, not surprisingly, a very popular choice.)

The three main female characters, being very different from one another, embody contrasting styles, which speak to their backgrounds, politics, and their personalities. I translated the 1912-period clothing into styles that can easily work in 2013, but hopefully I was still able to convey their character. This was the first time I’ve ever done this, and as it turns out, it’s a little tricky. There are so many directions to go in, and so many things to consider, whether it’s color, fabric weight, accessories, accents, or reinterpretation. Also, I linked each of the pieces so you know where to get them, if you’re so inclined. (However, I did not price the outfits, so quite a few of the pieces are, sadly, out of my price range!)

[NOTE: Minor spoilers ahead.]

Rosalind Lutece

“Why do you ask ‘What’ when the delicious question is ‘When?'” — Lutece

That part in BioShock Infinite where the Luteces make you play one of their infuriating coin toss games, and you feel like you lost either way.

Whether it’s dancing with her transdimensional self, cheating death a million times, or using physics to create cities that float, Rosalind Lutece looks entirely old-school prep as she’s doing it.  Preppy fashion is still a thing (and it’s a good thing), embodied by wardrobe classics, clean lines, layers, and simple accessories. Ros is stoic, erudite, and scary-intelligent, and her outfits speak to an upper-crust, educated background with influences from across the pond. She makes use of neutral tones like beige and camel, but accents it with shades of pumpkin and emerald green. I figured that in the 21st century she’d be drawn to a pair of oxford booties.  Also, the lady’s gotta have a good timepiece, if only for the irony.

Gif of Rosalind marking the 123rd tally when you toss heads, and her saying, "I never find that as satisfying as I'd imagined."
That’s what she said?

Rosalind Lutece

Sweater, oxford booties, headband, skirt, sheer tights, jacket, timepiece necklace

Elizabeth Comstock

“Here, Booker. Catch!” — Elizabeth

Elizabeth being all smiley.

Lockpicking, opening Tears into new worlds, or finding health and salts only seconds before you die, Elizabeth Comstock’s always got your back. Except when she doesn’t, and when she doesn’t, it feels awful. Elizabeth’s attire tends to be more feminine and twee, and she has several wardrobe changes as the story progresses, and as the political climate of Columbia evolves. The developers responsible for designing Elizabeth decided to give her a bit of a nautical vibe. Her outfit is comic book-inspired, a simple color scheme of deep blue, white, and gold so she stands out against the richly colored landscape. There are points in the game where you need to be able to spot her from afar. Rather than making her a passive follower, Elizabeth was designed to be curious, and may wander away from you to look around and explore.

she can take care of herself

Image of Elizabeth TOTALLY taking care of herself.


Sheer tights, anchor ring, black leather booties, lace dress, blazer, bird and cage necklaces

Daisy Fitzroy

“The one thing people need to learn is that fear is the antidote to fear. I don’t want to be a part of their world. I don’t want to be a part of their culture, their politics, their people. The sun is setting on their world, and soon enough, all they gon’ see…is the dark.” — Daisy Fitzroy

Daisy Fitzroy being a hardass.

Holy hell. Daisy Fitzroy does not have time for your shit. Leader of the renegade group, the Vox Populi, Daisy is in the business of vengeance in the name of the oppressed. Which is at first super admirable, but then she paints her face with the white man’s blood and things start to get uncomfortable. Compared to the previous two characters, Daisy’s style is a lot more masculine/androgynous, drawing on military fashion trends with heavier fabrics, and earth tones such as brown and army green. Of everyone’s outfits in the entire game, I love Daisy’s the most, because you look at her and know this lady means serious business. Daisy normally wears a red scarf, but in this case, I thought the tattered American flag scarf gave her a little more of a shoutout, since Daisy can usually be seen dismantling Columbia in every which way. What could be greater fashion sacrilege?

Daisy Fitzroy rubbing blood off a window and wiping it on her face in a fit of crazy.
Excellent makeup tutorial. 10/10 would watch again.

Daisy Fitzroy

Cross body bag, pistol earrings, riding boots, belt, army pants, oxford button down, tattered American flag scarf

This post received an incredibly warm response from the GirlGamers Reddit community with requests that I do more. I’m not a fashionista. I just did a lot of research and spent time looking at textures, etc. But this post was fun and challenging, and I’m definitely up to the task of exploring more. So if you have suggestions for video game characters, let me know in a comment!

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