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Why “Anti-racist” is a Codeword for “Anti-white”

What do you see?

What do you see?

Do you like cat videos? Cooking videos? Do you like watching movies in 11 parts? Whatever you do on Youtube, there’s a chance you’ve noticed a peculiar trend of comments claiming that multiculturalism is the “final solution” to the white race. That “anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white”. If you have, you probably laughed it off. Showed it to your friends, or even argued with the commenter for some godforsaken reason. You may have delved deeper, and found a video of a bunch of white women talking about their struggle against the systematic disenfranchisement of whites. If you’re an “educated person”, you probably know that there’s no genocide against whites. Anti-racists don’t hate whites. There is no “final solution.”

But what you know is wrong. A politically correct lie, to hide the truth: The white race is under threat, and multiculturalism is the weapon of choice. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

The people leaving these comments are white nationalists. They believe the white race is entitled to an Israel-like homeland, where whites can be assured of their safety and future. Where they aren’t threatened by the corrupting influence of other races. They want a home, like the Chinese, like the Arabs, like the Africans. This is somehow an extremist position. Even their benign fourteen word statement on the matter is considered the mark of a nazi, who wants to kill six million Jews.

“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.”

An extensive campaign has been waged to keep you ignorant, passive as the white race dies right in front of you. But people are waking up, and trying hard to lift the sleepy haze from the rest of us. If you do come across these comments, you’ll notice that their terminology is extremely consistent. The rhetoric you’ll see most often stems from The White Mantra. Written by concerned white man Bob Whitaker, the mantra lays out the white nationalist argument that whites are being systematically exterminated. Certain phrases appear again and again. If you’ve argued with them, they’ll only repeat what they said before, and if they really engage you, it’ll only be to convince you that there IS a genocide. I’m going to do their work for them, in the hope that future dialogues are more productive.

Multiculturalism argues that the solution to “the race problem,” that is, tension, inequality, and violence between races, is to integrate fully. Put people together where they can gain an understanding of each other, see that they’re all the same on the inside. It’s tied also to anti-racism, which seeks to tear down the mechanisms that further enable these issues. Solutions there range from affirmative action to deprogramming harmful stereotypes. The mantra argues that these schools of thought are anti-white, and, moreover, constitute a concerted effort to destroy the white race.

Genocide is officially defined by five bullet points. If any one of these points apply, and are being applied in a purposeful way, the international community is obliged to regard it as genocide. The white genocide can be argued to fit all five, but I’ll focus on two. As foreign immigrants flood into white countries from where they belong, they pack white land full to bursting, taking jobs from poor whites, being promoted over qualified whites. They worsen the already dire situation in cities, selling drugs, murdering natural citizens, raping. In other words, they fulfill [c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part] by making life unlivable for whites in their own home. Anti-racists claim that the solution to this problem is to integrate. Welcome these immigrants into white communities, let them live as equals, get to know them, help them adjust.

This anti-racist effort constantly assaults the identity of the white race.

This anti-racist effort constantly assaults the identity of the white race.

At one level, multiculturalists are right. Poverty is a powerful force, one that can bring out the worst in some people. Part of the race problem in white countries does in fact stem from inequality. But this push for inclusivity is the most insidious measure of all. By raising these people to the level of whites, we’re giving them the chance to be viewed as equals. This, too, sounds good to most people. After all, supporting the alternative would be racist. But white nationalists are right, too. This anti-racist effort is decidedly anti-white.

To bring non-whites into the fold of white societies means friendships, relationships, sex and children. The white birth rate drops yearly due to the slow creep of multiculturalism. The more interracial couplings there are, the fewer whites (as contact with another race’s blood destroys the Mike’s Secret Stuff that makes white people white). Due to the tricky nature of race and whiteness, multiracial people can even pass as white, confusing partners and further diluting the bloodline. As non-whites become more equal, whites don’t just lose privilege, their race literally begins to die. [d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;] Whites are losing the ability to maintain the integrity of their race, in a concerted, imposed way not faced by the Chinese, Brazilians, or Nigerians.

Even as white nationalists espouse views that many find repellent, they’re absolutely right that the white race is dying out, and we’re helping it happen.

What do these people have in common?

What do these people have in common?

What is the white race? Stormfront defines it thusly:

“Non-Jewish people of wholly European descent. No exceptions.”

This is a fairly straightforward definition, though one that is disputed often on the Stormfront boards. When you leave the world of white nationalism, though, whiteness gets much more complicated. The US census counts people from the Middle East as “white.” Even people who are very dark count as white. Additionally, it counts North Africans white as well.

A white man.

A white man.

This is a pretty ridiculous concept on its face, but remember that the Irish, the Poles, the Jews, were all considered non-white at one point. Today, you’re hard-pressed to find anyone that would deny that these groups are white. Admittedly, this is helped along by the fact that most Irish and Poles LOOK like other white people, and non-white Jews are generally categorized by their ethnicity, not their religion, but the point remains that the definition of “white” is vague and subject to change.

Take the case of Gregory H Williams, a man who, after years of living under the belief that his father was a dark-skinned Italian, discovered the truth that his father was half-black. In Indiana, this made him black as well. He and his brother had lived as whites with no trouble, but suddenly they were treated as black by the whites around them, and ostracized by the black community they supposedly belonged to. This social classification is one that white nationalists would agree with, despite the fact that they would only know his “true” race by him telling the story.

A black man.

A black man.

What makes white people so special? Why are whites so damn great that white supremacist groups are really some of the only racial supremacist groups around? Well, because they’re manifestly doing better. They’re more educated, they have more money, more land, more control, they are the most modern, they are the most beautiful, their nations hold the most power, they’re really doing the best in most categories. “Whites are just naturally better” seems self-evident, when you look at their position in the world. Who but the greatest race in existence could get to this position?

White nations, those non-Jew European countries and their colonies, came to greatness through vampirism. Even taking into account some theoretical inherent superiority of whites, their nations were built through subjugating and exploiting people they conquered. This is not unusual. Attaining power on such a scale will always fuck someone over. And attain power, they have. The world is essentially under control by white nations, with a few Asian outliers. Through brute force, capitalism, and slavery, a system has been built by whites that puts them at the top. Naturally, their education systems are built to benefit their children. Their economy is built on the foundation of non-white slaves, and maintained through the usage of poor laborers, most of whom are non-white. They own all of the land, and non-whites only gain it through submitting to the white system. Control is naturally theirs, as they conquered the land. Modernity comes mostly at the higher levels of society. Beauty standards have been established by their culture and media. Everything that makes white people great is due to the fact that they are the paragon model of a society and world they sculpted to their needs.

Even so, conquering and shaping the world is pretty impressive. But what does it mean for a racial group? Italians are white. Scots are white. Germans, Swedes, Australians are white. Of course, the reality is much more complicated, but basically, these are white countries, under white control, and they’re especially white countries if you subscribe to the white nationalist view. Which, since we’re examining their argument and beliefs, you can and should do without feeling weird about yourself. These countries all have a distinct culture and custom. But white nationalists argue that there is an underlying racial oneness to this group. What commonality do all these countries have, aside from skin color, which, as we’ve seen, means nothing? Their commonality is that they were so successful in violence and exploitation that they were able to take and maintain power. That is their singular racial characteristic.

Suppose a coalition of East Asians had taken over the way whites did. The world would look very different, of course, but there would be some things that were the same. They would be more educated, richer, with more land, control, modernity, beauty. How would they maintain their power? By creating a racial identity that fit all original member states (or, the ones that were influential enough). Claiming some natural quality that made them smart, successful, attractive, powerful, which gave them the right to stay in power above others that were unlike them. This construction of race is based entirely on the fact that (due to their circumstances) these people are better. They’re in control, they built the world we live in to make themselves the best at everything, and they invented a race for themselves to assert that this is normal and the right way of things. It’s a naturalization of the status quo, turning a constructed power dynamic into a genetic imperative.

The white race.

The white race.

The white race is a reification of supremacy. Its very foundation is the power that whites wield. To assert the white race’s right to exist is to defend its place of dominance in the world, because its dominance is the ESSENCE of the race. To protect the white race is to protect inequality, colonialism, exploitation, racism. It IS oppression. It IS racism. It IS injustice. And it is dying. Anti-racist practices are killing it.

Anti-racism is anti-white, and we should embrace that. As for the charge of genocide? Accept it. You can argue against it, but what’s the point? Any conscionable person should want the white race destroyed. Who cares if the definition of genocide is being twisted to make people feel bad about doing the right thing? The point is that anti-racism, multiculturalism, any attempt to equalize the races is a strike against the white race. And once equality is truly reached, it will be dead. WE ARE TRYING TO DESTROY IT.

The white genocide is carried out through interracial sex, righting wrongs, and the consequences of the white race’s sins. It is the kindest, slowest, most consensual genocide ever to take place. It’s better than anything whites have afforded the people they stepped on to build their race, people they envy, for they have been afforded the right to their own identity and homeland. Because those people have a true national identity. They have a culture. The only culture all whites share is that of the destruction and subjugation of others. So good riddance.


171 thoughts on “Why “Anti-racist” is a Codeword for “Anti-white”

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  3. “Anti-racism is anti-white, and we should embrace that. As for the charge of genocide? Accept it. You can argue against it, but what’s the point? Any conscionable person should want the white race destroyed. Who cares if the definition of genocide is being twisted to make people feel bad about doing the right thing? The point is that anti-racism, multiculturalism, any attempt to equalize the races is a strike against the white race. And once equality is truly reached, it will be dead. WE ARE TRYING TO DESTROY IT.”

    You’re actively demonizing a group of people. An entire race of people, who have feelings, emotions, opinions, just like you do.

    It doesn’t matter that this group of people has had more historical success than yours, they are still a group of fully-functioning human beings, and you’re talking about them like they are wolves in human form. That is not OK, regardless of who they are.

    You don’t want equality. Of course you don’t. An equal society would have race not even being an issue. YOU are the one who is being racist by pointing out a single group — that is in no way equality.

    This site is complete moonbattery of the highest order. Although I do take pleasure in the fact that the author of this article will most likely never work in a legitimate field of journalism, nor will either the publishers of the readers of mainstream publications outside those who read this obscure wordpress blog will ever care about his opinions.

    • Taking offense at this article demonstrates an illogical attachment to a false idea. “The white race” does not constitute any actual people. It is an ideological grouping that was founded on racism, thrives on racism, exists to perpetuate racism, and will be destroyed with the death of racism.

      • Ah, but what about the Black Panthers? Do they get a free pass?

        They’ve murdered innocent people who’s only crime was being born white. Just like how the KKK murdered innocent people who were born black.

        Black-on-white racism is just as bad as White-on-black racism.

        That seems to be something this article neglects to mention. And also, the way you wrote this made it sound like you had a grudge against white people as an ethnicity as opposed to a cultural identity. If you would have made it clear you only had a problem with the latter, then I wouldn’t have posted my previous comment. Make your statements more clear, man.

        • Dude the entire article is about how race isn’t real, and people who treat race like some genetic thing whose decline should be cause for concern are dumb.

          • Ah, fair enough. It’s just because of the awkward way that you wrote it, which made me think that you were meaning to say something else as opposed as to what you were trying to say.

            Now that I have re-read your article, I have now realized that I was reacting to a statement which I interpreted differently from how it was actually supposed to be.

            I guess I’ll have to admit that I’m wrong on this one :-)

          • So race isn’t real, yet in the end off your article you say the ending of white’s is “the kindest gneocide”. How can there even be genocide if races don’t exist???
            As to this genocide being “voluntary” then I suppose the mass suicide in Gyana in 1978 was a “voluntary” compliance with the wishes of another leftist madman, Jim Jones.

            • Race has no real basis, but it is a real concept that people obviously subscribe to and live under as if it were a fact of nature. You’re welcome to disagree with “race isn’t real,” but there’s no inconsistency in someone denying race’s existence and then going on to discuss social issues surrounding the idea of race and the racial groups it has constructed.

              • “…Race has no real basis…”

                Which is why white people get Sickle Cell Anemia and Koreans get Tay-Sachs Disease. It’s why the Human Genome Project was abandoned as a pointless exercise since all humans are exactly the same. It’s why Mongoloids and Negroids can drink milk and Caucasoids can eat unfermented soybeans. It’s the reason for a perfectly equitable racial distribution among fast runners, National Merit Scholars and hard science Noble Prize winners.

                It’s why the ethnic Chinese in Indonesia, at 2% of the population, don’t control 94% of the economy. It’s why Mexican whites, at 9% of the population, aren’t the only racial category among Mexico’s 20 billionaires.

                Race, ethnicity, gender differences. Even genetics. All nonsense. Because I say so.

                  • Solomon Wong

                    1) The homo sapiens first appeared in Africa
                    2) The homo sapiens is just a kind of ape, just like many others that exist in Central Africa
                    3) These big apes (just like Chimps and Bonobos) have been living in the same areas for millions of years now. They don’t face many hardships, so their gene pool is considerably large. That means that they have not pushed their genetic potential to its true limit, meaning that they never had the need to become much stronger or smarter.
                    4) The homo sapiens, on the other hand, spread throughout Africa. They had to deal with different climates, and other hardships, like lack of water, etc. In the end, these ancient men got smarter than the other apes.
                    5) Some of these homo sapiens decided to stay in Africa, where they faced a smaller number of adversities, and soon got used to them. Some of these homo sapiens migrated to Europe and other continents. They had to try and live in places that are completely different than Africa, with different animals, and climate, and vegetation.They had to adapt, so the ones who were less inteliigent to live accordingly to the new conditions did not survive (while they could continue living in Africa perfectly well).
                    6) That means that Africans have more genetic diversity than any other people in the world, but they are also the people who had less need to adapt to new enviromental conditions.
                    7) That said, it’s easy to notice that the Africans are the people in earth that have achieved less when it comes to cultural and scientific stuff.
                    8) In addition to that, it’s well known that homo sapiens has mixed with homo neanderthalensis, so most non-black people in the world have a little of neanderthal.

                    With all that evidence, it seems obvious that we can’t consider all the members of the humankind as racially equals.

                    Note that I’m no way a white nationalist. Not in a traditional way, at least. I don’t think that having a black grandfather can make a person less white, as long as he/she sees herself/himself as a white person. I don’t think we can say that “semitic” whites are not whites. Jews and turks, and syrians are as white as any swede.

                    That said, I’d like that white people and european culture didn’t disappear. We are as important as any other race or culture. I wouldn’t like that every person in the world looked like exactly the same, because the difference is what makes us human.

                    • Care to source this very interesting account of human evolution? I can’t seem to find any science validating it.

                      I mean, I don’t deny “race” exist. I’m pretty sure phenotypes exist in every form of life on earth. But I find it interesting you think people who stayed in Africa didn’t have as much selective pressure as the people who left. It’s almost like you think the animals and environment around them didn’t change as they adapted and just stayed the same. I also don’t see how being faced with more diseases and needing the brains and accuracy to hunt dangerous animals that have better senses than you is some how a smaller number of adversities than a colder climate where diseases don’t thrive as well and lions aren’t chasing you. Never mind the flawed notion that being more fit to a different environment = smarter. Did it ever occur to you that just maybe, people had an incentive to leave Africa because there were better, safer, easier, and nicer places to live, not because they wanted a harder life where they had to adapt? Just look around you, people don’t like to move to places they will struggle in. And look at yourself, you probably don’t have to risk your life every day and test your skills and brains to survive, there are people in Africa who still do.

                    • Yuiru,
                      Simply look at the scientific studies that my friend “Corpse” was king enough to list for me here on this thread. And if you can’t see that there are inherent differences between the races and ethnic groups, then I don’t think I can help you. Genetics is the reason the NBA and NFL are dominated by the Japanese and Koreans…lol

                • Yeah. Because I say so. And maybe every now and again I’ll post a study that could possibly validate my addled, egalitarian gibberish, but likely I’m misinterpreting it.

          • That makes your article even more stupid than I previously thought. Sorry, but race is real and genetic.I don’t see anything wrong with being concerned with the decline of a culture, language, and ethnicity/race of people. We feel the same about Native Americans and even animals. It certainly IS a cause for concern.

            People who think race has no basis in reality are dumb.

          • 12% difference in DNA among races.
            You need the same racial genotype for most organ transplants.
            Caucasians interbred with neanderthals before the rise of Germanic tribes and is evidenced through DNA difference and commonality with neanderthals not shared by other races.
            You have to willfully blind yourself for the sake of tolerance. This cultural marxist crap is easy to smash with about five minutes and access to google folks.
            Race does exist, and let’s make sure these idiots stay in charge of marginal blogs, and not organ transplants.

      • Guess you will have to go to Japan and china next and get them to embrace multiculturalism if you really want your dream of a racist free society to come true. I seriously doubt you even care about their goals to retain a racially homogenous culture though.

        • This essay applies just as much to “Asian People” in Japan and China as it does whites in America, but I don’t live there or have any experience with the racial climate.

          • Wouldn’t that be a non-existent climate? You know, because you think race doesn’t exist. How far exactly are you willing to take this logic? Okay, we’re all from Africa and race doesn’t exist…. so slavery wasn’t racist. I guess the descendants of white southern U.S. protestants are off the hook and we can all go home? :/

          • Maybe you should do the honorable thing (aren’t Asians, at least in movies, big on “honor”?) and stop parasiting off white society by living amongst us? Really, why don’t you leave us? Do you think whites actually want you people in our cities or countries?

      • The white race does not exist.

        The white race will be destroyed.

        The duality must be EXHAUSTING.


        • Race has no real basis, but it is a real concept that people obviously subscribe to and live under as if it were a fact of nature. You’re welcome to disagree with “race isn’t real,” but there’s no inconsistency in someone denying race’s existence and then going on to discuss social issues surrounding the idea of race and the racial groups it has constructed.

      • ‘Racism’ is made-up, Marxian nonsense used to dispel political dissent. Your impulse, like all Marxists, racial equalitarians, liberals, and other undesireables, is to destroy the beautiful. Destruction is the only thing of which people that have no ideas are capable. What will become of the world once you destroy the White Race? Well, look what’s been going on since you started. The Jews are ascendant, have become the cultural elite, with predictable results: pauperization of the citizenry, a constantly devaluing currency, pornography and moral degeneration rampant, and the gradual displacement of the very people that worked to bring about the prosperity of the culture. What’s more, the world is a crueler place. Where Jews have survived for the greater part of their history through being slavers and parasite usurers, it was White Christians that abolished slavery in America, whose slave trade was perpetuated by the Jews that owned the ships, and where the rest of the world continued the practice long after. White society introduced ecological balance to life in the Americas, where the ‘Native Americans’ (those that genocided the Caucasoid Sino-Siberians) deforested the vast majority of the country, indiscriminately killed off millions of buffalo and bison, and lived in squalid conditions easing the spread of plague that had eradicated 90% of their population before those big, bad White settlers had even showed up. So…what kind of world are you preparing for us by trying to remove Whites from it?

        Beyond that, you are repeating the old genocidal canard of the anti-whites, which is a logical fallacy of asking leading questions. ‘Why would we not want to destroy the White Race?’, in other words, saying this destruction is implicitly desirable…which you’d have to be a complete ignoramus to believe. So, you’re not only dead wrong, but fallacious.

        • Lol @ u saying i have no ideas when your explanation for “pauperization of the citizenry, a constantly devaluing currency, pornography and moral degeneration rampant, and the gradual displacement of the very people that worked to bring about the prosperity of the culture.” is “jews did it”

      • Pretty racist thing to say their Solomon, First of all it assumes White people are somehow more racist than any other race.

        • Whites are the least racist group in the world – which is exactly why we are being genocided (per Wong’s preference).

      • Then I guess, “The black race” does not constitute any actual people. It is an ideological grouping as well? So I can’t offend black people when I say things like “nigger”? And what about “The native american race”? Just an ideological grouping, not any actual people? Inaccurate then to say the Native Americans faced any atrocities in America? Or what about the “Jewish race”? Just an ideological grouping, not any actual people? I guess it would be inaccurate to claim any “jews” were killed by the nazis, since jews are not an actual group of people?

      • Thanks for putting it out there the way you did. More whites will be able to wake up once we spread the message of this article. See, the white race will never die out, no matter how badly you want it destroyed. There will always be whites (like me) who will be ”aware” to what’s going on. The only way you will kill us all and finalize your anti-white agenda is if you actually murder all of us, till the very last one. But people like you will never even think of doing that, because you know that if such a war was to happen, we’d defeat you quickly and effortlessly. It’s because we’re more superior, just like you have admitted. We’re smarter and stronger in all spheres of influence and power, even though we are a minority on this planet. You can keep dreaming about that day when all of Europe is ”coffee” colored or some other sh*t like that, but it’ll never happen. There will ALWAYS be dissent(ers), there will ALWAYS be resisters, there will ALWAYS be those amongst us (whites) who will know what is right and what is wrong, and because of those people we will live on for centuries to come, all because people like you will never have the stigma and bravery to bring about a real, genuine, genocide/war against us. So sit back, and enjoy as we continue to bring good into this world.

        • No, Wong is wight (er, right). Nonwhites hate us, and actively wish to exterminate us. Whites must relinquish their race liberal insanity, and start taking this threat seriously (hello, Republican goofballs? ready to stop the white-genocidal Amnesty bill?). Read,, Let us REBUILD WHITE POWER!

      • “Even taking into account some theoretical inherent superiority of whites, their nations were built through subjugating and exploiting people they conquered”

        They subjugated their own mainly. This is often forgotten. Plus their will not be a successful white gencide imo. Look at Ireland & the Irish for example. Like any other group of people they reproduced like rabbits as soon as they got the chance.
        It’s ridiculous to say that white people repressed other races any more then any other races have. What stands out with whites is that they had the right culture, timing, and tech to spread throughout the globe first.

    • The sad thing is if the White race wasn’t so altruistic all of you would be gone. Instead they decided to play nice. Your over hyped versions of history make me laugh. If you think that things are going to “get better” once YT is gone you are a fool. It’s just going to be onto the next guy… Who will be the next target after YT is gone? Racism will be gone once Whites are gone? That’s hilarious. You people are deluded. I was never a racist until I encountered people like you. Neither of my parents were racist and they raised me to see everyone as equals.

      Even through ghetto scum bags, that were raised by terrible parents, my non racist status kept on… It wasn’t until I encountered hypocritical psychopaths, like all of you, that I decided that racism might be here for a reason. Because people like you can’t be reasoned with.

      Race is real when you hypocrites talk about “minority status.” Race is real when you idiots talk about affirmative action. Race is real when you talk about the isolated lynchings (that are overhyped to create racial hatred.) Race is real when you describe black athletes as superior because their “extra tendon.” Race is real when you cuckolds are jerking off to your wife/GF/BF fucking a black man.

      BUT it’s not real when you talk about EUROPEAN genocide. You guys should be thanking your lucky starts for pathological altruism and the police right now. That’s all I will say…

      Keep pushing though. Keep pushing…

    • If Whites doesn’t exist, then you have no point in blogging and or promoting White Genocide do you, since we don’t exist from the start? Or wait…

      If this White “ideology” as you call it is a constant reoccuring theme then maybe it’s due to instincts and actual racial kinskip & identity. But who are we to question the anti-White overlord! Whites don’t exist, so let’s Genocide Whites!

      Rofl… DAT LOGIC xD

    • It must be noted that any blacks of african origin are not the same species as all of the human beings on this planet. They never fully evolved into Homo Sapiens.

      Blacks are not human beings and should not be categorized as such.

      Whitrs do not need to dehumanize blacks. They do that deed very well on their own, as is seen in their behaviors on a daily basis.

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    • Whites are the relevant group because they’re remarkably successful at it. The identity of the group doing the colonizing doesn’t matter, it just happens that the largest and most malignant group is white.

      • Then why such ambivalence on the part of ‘oppressed’ colonized peoples when it came time to throw off their hated white masters? There was nothing remotely like the wrath of the Chinese when they rebelled against the Manchu Dynasty. And then the Harki. Maybe the French just paid them a lot.

        What I find depressing is whites aren’t unique in any of this. I mean, I want to feel special. But who can compete with the Aztecs who kept subject tribes just viable and irritated enough to wage war and be captured for religious sacrifice? Or the Japanese who cut off the noses of Korean comfort women?

        But man, white people. So boring. Just build railroads and hospitals and end suttee and destroy the thuggee. No respect for native wisdom and disease.

      • You don’t like colonizing because your people didn’t do it. You have underdog syndrome. The only thing you want is to oust Europeans (convenient how you guys always glance over the Jewish influence intermingled with this stuff) and sit yourself down in the throne. Europeans have never committed full on genocide of any race. Yet you praise European genocide while condemning the actions of Europeans in the past… Complete and absolute hypocrisy. Completely and absolutely transparent (I’m sure you like that idea as well, transparents.)

        It baffles me why Asians get mixed up in all of this… Why would you identify with the “minorities” in America (you, nor any of them are minorities in the context you present the word in. There are over a billion people in India, a billion in China and a billion in Africa. The entirety of Europeans is only around 700k worldwide, and that is spread through every country, globally. You are NOT a minority)…?
        Do you actually identify with all of this stuff? Or are you waiting to take the throne?

        • Blacks do not deserve to live in any modern civilized human society.
          If they did, they would have created one for themselves at some point in history.
          They didn’t.

  6. Mr. Wong, I expect all people to make reparations for the damage done by their ancestors regardless of race. It may be less than what my ancestors have done, but, by God, it was pretty wicked. Why should only the “largest and most malignant group” be on the hook. Fair’s fair!

    • If you read the article, you’ll notice that I’m not advocating anything except that anti-racism carry on. “White people” as a group will go extinct as a result because their very existence is a result of racism. The fact that whites face tangible threat to their existence (ie, white “genocide”) due to other races being paid respect and given a real chance, means that they feed off of racism. With racism gone or sufficiently reduced, white people are gone.

      • I think you are blowing “paid respect and given a real chance” waaaaay out of proportion. They’ve basically put an anvil (you know what that represents) on the backs of Whites while pretty much lifting everyone else up. It’s not an evil playing feel and you obviously know that.

        There has been an even playing fields in Africa for millenniums. You can’t say Europeans have held down Africans throughout the entire course of history. That’s just ridiculous. What did they accomplish in those times of even playing fields amongst themselves?

        The field is not even. It’s stacked against whites and is in someone’s favor. This increases every day. I don’t know why I explain this to you. You know exactly what is happening. You just play it safe to avoid alarming anyone.

      • Truth be told, if ever found on the verge of extinction, Whites will choose to eradicate their adversaries rather than die off, because the choice to do so is well within our power.
        It is incredibly dangerous to back Whites into a corner, considering we have all of the wealth and power. Just saying.
        Besides, without White people, the world as we know it ceases to function. Inventiveness, resourcefulness, technological ability and advancement, civilization as we all know it, gone.

  7. why should anyone pay today pay for their ancestors sins? you’re a bunch of anti-humanistic psychopaths.

    • No one is suggesting they “pay” for it. But to answer your question about why white people aren’t off the hook, it’s because white people reap the greatest societal benefits from the carnage of their ancestors.

      • And in your fantasy scenario you will be the one reaping those benefits once EUROPEANS are gone. You’re a hypocrite. A genocidal hypocrite. That is much worse than the Europeans you talk about. They have never completely eradicated an entire sub sect of humanity. Useful idiots… That’s all you are.

        Once this is done life is not going to improve for you… Especially homosexuals and women. You are being used and once your job is over you think the people using you will want such powerful tools to be left with too much freedom? That’s hilarious.

        We are at the top of a bell curve right now as far as the level of rights women and gays have. Except the way I see things playing out it’s going to drop off the fucking page after this is over. Ker plunk. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

      • As we damn well should. To the victor goes the spoils.
        Imagine where the unevolved blacks would be right now, what they would be doing right now, without our divine intervention.
        They should once again be on their hands and knees, thanking us. They’ll be begging us for mercy, once Whitrs finally get fed up of their filth and subhumanity and decide to stop allowing them to survive.

      • You’re a racist, hate-filled genocidal maniac Wong.

        #literally worse than Hitler, it’s the Shoah all over again in here.

        You should be locked up for the good of society.

        (In the meantime keep the blog going though. It’s fucking hilarious).

            • Who will be the next oppressor on the list? Or will everyone be riding around on unicorns and sliding down rainbows? European genocide is a band aid fix for delusional and hate filled people. You are not capable of altruism. Once the next group takes a seat in the throne it’s just going to start all over again. I don’t like genocide, but I would take the Earth flooding any day. This place is going to hell in a hand basket.

            • If any race ever had the power to wipe out White people, we’d be gone already, trust me.
              Whites are literal living Gods compared to most other races, especially the unevolved black apes.

          • Nobody is taking away the right of ALL Blacks in ALL Black countries to have anywhere exclusive to live, forcing them to integrate and share every part of their lives with non-Blacks.

            If those conditions were imposed on Blacks would you tell them that the intermarriages it leads to, “isn’t being forced” – when they call it “Genocide”?

            You insist that whites must not be allowed to have anything exclusive for our race knowing the conditions imposed on us lead to enough intermarriage to wipe us out.

            • Black countries have been subject to neocolonialism and legally robbed of their resources and stability for centuries by the IMF, World Bank, and national powers. Even if these African countries were exclusive, it’s clear that it’s only so because Western forces view them as inferior and not worth associating with on a familial level. Too bad for you guys that you chose world domination over one little country where you could all be white together.

              I’m going to be charitable and assume you’ve read the article; instead of refuting my argument that “white people” is not an ethnicity, you’re just calling me a racist. That is weak.

                • I explicitly endorse it in this article; big news
                  Are you going to address my argument? because unless you can convince me that I’m wrong, I’m going to continue not giving a shit about white genocide.

              • The reality is the white race is not dying. It is growing. Whites overwhelmingly marry within their own race. I think the white genocide idea is a useful political concept to raise awareness and get more of our people on board with the idea of opposing multiculturalism, but I just want to make sure the author of this blog doesn’t get some kind of smug sense of victory. You are not winning. We are winning. Victory is in our blood and our people will never be defeated. Every white baby born is another powerful war cry. Every white baby encapsulates beauty, pride, emotion, love, and brotherhood. Our children are living poetry.

      • At least one thing, you seem to think Brazilians are all ‘people of color’. You all ‘wong’ about that. Even the favelas self-segregate on the basis of race; white, black, mulatto. Srsly.

        • yep that guy sure made a scathing critique of my work by saying nothing and instead allowing you to point out an error i spent .5 seconds making, two days later.

  8. You state that White people only exist because they have oppressed others and then you say for that they must die? You are genocidal. You are anti-White. You are sick and twisted.
    You claim that this article is applicable to Asians, yet you wallow in the destruction of Whites, not Asians. You are transparent. You are also typical for “anti-racists”. You are the reason anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White!

    • When did I say people should die? Quote it. Violence is an unacceptable means of demolishing whiteness.
      It is applicable to Asians in that any group that gains power (such as Asians in Asia) and then codifies that power into their stated “natural order” is inherently supremacist and oppressive.

      • “An extensive campaign has been waged to keep you ignorant, passive as the white race dies right in front of you.” >die
        ” As non-whites become more equal, whites don’t just lose privilege, their race literally begins to die.” >die
        “What makes white people so special?” >people
        “Everything that makes white people great is due to the fact that they are the paragon model of a society and world they sculpted to their needs.”

        You want whites as a group dead. You clearly think they are a grouping of people. You want this group eliminated; that requires the non-existence of the people who are identified as part of that ‘group’. You’re entire article is an argument that these people “should die” and supporting actions towards that end. You started out being honest about your intentions. Stick to it instead of obfuscating it.

        • A race does not implicate people. Even the phrase “white people” doesn’t involve actual people, but an ideological grouping. My classification of whites as an ideology rather than an ethnicity can be disputed, but it’s pretty silly to claim that I want actual people dead when I subscribe to such a classification.

          My whole article is based on the thesis that whites aren’t a race. Again, disputable, but absolutely not advocacy for violence. I mean, even your own rhetoric defines the white genocide as not necessarily violent. Interbreeding is enough to end the white race.

          • You say that Whites are not a specific people,, yet you welcome and advocate for their genetic destruction through intermarriage. This you admit will happen if trends continue. Why is genetic amalgamation necessary? Why not education if being White is just a school of thought?
            The fact that you deny that a people that you can see, talk to and for which you can genetically test even exists makes you a lunatic.

            • It can absolutely be done through education, but it would be quicker and to my mind just as moral to just advocate their disappearance through intermarriage. The education solution relies on people coming to understand race and racism, which is incredibly difficult to do (though we are trying). But as long as we’re talking about non-violent solutions to an ideological problem, why would someone like me even have qualms about intermarriage? Both education and intermarriage would have the same result of the white race ending.

              Being able to see and talk to a person who has been societally coded as “white” doesn’t mean “the white race” is a real group in the way blacks or Italians are a real group. As for genetic testing:

              To be very clear: there are white people. I consider myself white, as well as Asian. I also don’t think that either group is based in reality. They’re not contradictory concepts; our world is run on made-up shit that has no basis in reality. Every race is constructed, but as I argue, the white race’s basis is only in maintaining inequality and discrimination of the kind that benefits those they have defined as white.

          • What’s DNA all about, then? If whites aren’t a race (as you claim), how can interbreeding be enough to end us? How do “ideological groupings” interbreed if not through blending of DNA?

            • If the ideological grouping is based on skin color, then how can it NOT be ended through interbreeding?

              Is this your argument against my assertion that whiteness is an ideological construct? Cause that doesn’t mean it can’t be influenced by biology. It just means it’s a political designation. Of course the general traits of white people are genetic, but the concept of white people is itself constructed.

          • Which is why interspecies breeding between human beings and blacks should not be allowed. Why would we want our offspring to de-evolve in one single generation?

  9. How to identify if a blogger is anti-White and is inciting White GENOCIDE:

    1) Deny there is such a thing as White people or White countries.

    2) Scream about how evil White people are.

    3) Justify White GENOCIDE using one of a thousand different reasons.

    4) Wish for White GENOCIDE/celebrate it.

    5) Say pro White dissidents should not be allowed to speak, because we are “evil”.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  10. At least you`re an honest genocidal anti-white, Wong.
    The rest of the cult shoud follow your wise lead and confess.

  11. Mongol, Moor, Turk. Big time players in oppressive empire game. Bonus points for being boss of white peoples.

    “…imposed way not faced by the Chinese, Brazilians, or Nigerians…”

    Millions of Brazilians are white. Mrs. Tom Brady is white. Per CIA Country Reports one third of Latin Americans are white. After 500 years of race-mixing white people not only exist they run the show. If the Latin American model is any indication whites miscegenating themselves out of existence is unlikely.

    There’s something I’ve wondered about. FSU and ARA members wind up in jail and prison. Where do they sit in the mess hall? Where do they stand in the yard?

    • Chas, just admit to the audience like Wong has, that no “anti-racist” respects white people`s genocide law to right to group existence and every “anti-racist” demands genocidal mass immigration and “assimilation” for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries.

      Ergo, Anti-racist IS just a code word for anti-white.

      Confess your guilt Chas.

    • I don’t think Mr. ‘Wong’ is Asian at all. I also suspect he/she is having a laugh by saying such outlandish things. It’s a kind of performance art. Maybe it’s for a class at NYU or New School.

      No, I think if our Mr. ‘Wong’ were serious there would be all kinds of photos and press accounts of his adventures on the front lines in the war against YT and the Corporate State. But then, maybe he/she is serious, but not ‘serious’. Kind of like Ellen Page’s performance in ‘The East’. Or Jenna Bush’s HIV book.

        • Asian and serious? Prove it.

          Blacks commit lots of crime against Asians. Blacks bully Asians in school. Blacks razor slash the faces of young Asian women on NYC subway platforms. Laughing Blacks throw elderly Asians off the BART platform in Oakland, sometimes with deadly results. Blacks murder Asian shopkeepers. (In the months before the ’92 L.A. riots blacks had murdered 5 Korean shop clerks.) In prison blacks rape Asian inmates. While playing the ‘knockout game’ blacks murder elderly Asians in Kansas City and gay Asians in Seattle.

          The news media invariably describes these crimes as ‘random’, ‘the victim was in the wrong place at the wrong time’ and ‘a robbery gone wrong’. Yet black criminals often admit they select, racially profile, Asians as victims because they are smaller, less likely to have weapons and fight back and less likely to have street gang affiliations. Blacks also express an active dislike of Asians because of their relative success.

          If Asian and a self-described anti-racist I would make note of all this. I might blog about it and perhaps even initiate a public demonstration of outraged protest with like-minded persons. Yet I note no such activity on your part.

          There are two reasons for your silence and inactivity. The first is you receive no credit for racial loyalty. Asians who clique up and fight back against black crime are considered the wrong sort of Asian people; Hmong, Cambodians, ethnic Viets. This is similar to whites who won’t fight back but will characterize whites who do as the wrong sort of white people; rednecks and guidos. No crunchy granola attaboys from your progressive friends if you break the code of silence about black on Asian crime.

          The second reason is racially-motivated black on Asian crime is evidence the absence of whites will not initiate an era of race-less utopia. It may even lead to more racial conflict as whites seem willing to play the role of fair and objective referee. ‘No Muslims, you can’t murder the Hindus. Now see here Mexicans, you can’t harass the blacks like that. I realize you Zulus don’t like refugees from Zimbabwe, but you can’t just set fire to them in the street.’

          • It’s interesting that you think my insufficient outrage over hate crimes committed against Asians means I’m not anti-racist. The two have nothing to do with each other. I’m not anti-racist to improve my own position, I’m anti-racist to improve the world.
            Yeah, it’s disgusting that Asians are targeted; all hate crimes are disgusting. the fact that I have a blind spot in my anti-racist activity doesn’t mean anything. If I were to discount that shit or something, then yeah, not anti-racist, but I ain’t doing that, I’m just not taking an interest. I’m interested in solving bigger problems than that, as terrible as it is.
            The absence of whites won’t initiate an era of race-less utopia because the systems they created and maintain in their interest will still function and divide people. So I shouldn’t care about removing the beneficiaries of racism? Hatred will always be around; a class so privileged by its race may not be.

              • Well I’m gonna go ahead and make an educated guess here, bases on prior experience regarding what people advocate multiculturalism with the shrillest most blatantly hate filled voices in our day and age; Finns.
                I cant blame them really given their fucked up inbred genetics and some recent historical traumas, along with a history of persecution throughout the ages. But as per usual, they are over stretching, and spewing their filth around yet again, poisoning the intellectual “wells” of the evil european non gypsy on an unprecedented scale.

          • Chas you seem desperate to get off the embarrassing subject of Wong admitting to wanting whites gone and supporting the mass immigration and “assimilation” genocide policy imposed on ALL white countries and ONLY white countries making it happen.

            Why are you trying to avoid responsibility for supporting white genocide chas?

            • Chas doesn’t believe the white race is actually under threat. He might be a worse enemy than me, even.
              Chas is also the only one who’s really challenging me instead of looking like a whiny baby.

              If I already accept white genocide, what’s the point in all of you coming here to scold me with “anti-racism is a codeword for anti-white, the white GENOCIDE is REAL?”

              • “Chas doesn’t believe the white race is actually under threat”

                That`s a bogus innocence. All “Anti-racists” under questioning reveal their anti-whiteness and support for white genocide under different code words (Diversity) “Multi-culturalism”). All of them prove themselves to be anti-white.
                Chas and the rest of the anti-white cult are being dishonest when they support and impose policies creating a world with ever fewer numbers of whites, but say doing so is not genocide.
                And foolish to claim such a silly thing in public when all we have to do is ask them if attacking non-white groups existence using the same methods is also not genocide under international law.
                Don`t you agree?

                • I already agreed, dude, I said that he’s a worse enemy than I am because he’s denying the white genocide. Are you just looking for an opportunity to spew the talking points you copy-pasted from whiterabbit? You’re a boring fuck.

              • “If I already accept white genocide, what’s the point in all of you coming here to scold me with “anti-racism is a codeword for anti-white, the white GENOCIDE is REAL?””

                White and normal folk are increasingly using the mantra to defend themselves against all kinds of anti-whites, but the experienced mantra users know it`s the white traitor anti-whites who are the biggest enemy of white survival.

                Thanks again for being honest about the genocidal scam the anti-whites are playing on white folk.

  12. The genocide of whites by assimilation is voluntary.
    The mass “revolutionary suicide” of Jim Jones Peoples Temple in Guyana in 1978 was also voluntary.
    Jones was also a marxist who wanted “no more rich or poort” (by sharing all wealth) and “no more black or white” (by intermarriage).
    So since the 909 suicides of Peoples Temple was voluntary is was a good thing that shouldn’t be opposed, or so say the marxist.
    I say this is horse hockey. As mom used to ask “If everyone else is jumping off a cliff would you do it too just becasue it’s trendy???”
    This just goes to show how the average person can be propagandized into their own, personal, immediate mass physical suicided.
    How much easier must it be to convince an entire race to committe group suicde by assimilation, given the “elite” education establishment and media support it.

      • KOBE: “Actual people are dying”

        Africa for the Africans, Asia fo rthe Asians, White countries for EVERYBODY!

        White people are being eliminated via mass immigration +assimilation forced on every white country only white countries.

        Anti-whites commit genocide in the name of “anti-racism”, read the genocide law anti-whites, where is your defense?

        Anti-racism is just a code word for anti-white.

          • The point is Anti-whites know they`re murdering our race = GENOCIDE with mass immigration and social engineering forced on EVERY white country and ONLY white countries.

            Pro-whites demand an open discussion, anti-whites hide behind censorship and reprisals to prevent it.

            • I’m engaging in open discussion right here, i just refuse to concede certain points you’re making. that’s part of open discussion. you have to convince me, cause i’ve heard this shit already and i have a legitimate answer for all of it.

  13. Assuming the author of this article is really a mongoloid, his “prose” confirms one thing: yellow beasts are cold, conniving, psychopathic, devilish and, of course, stupid, being without spirit, like all non-Whites.

  14. OK, Solomon. Just make it plain and simple: if you were in charge, what would you do to put an end to whiteness. You know, A, B, C, etc. Or, if you personally were not in charge, what do you encourage government to do to accomplish your desire to see whiteness eliminated? Tks.

    • As the article says, white nationalists are right. The elimination is underway. Things just need to keep going as they have, hopefully with a quicker rate of acceptance of anti-racist ideology.

      • So you are saying anyone who believes in race, and is willing to vie for power to ensure their race keeps the top spot, is worthy of genocide…


        • Oh fer chrissakes. Sol is just jerking your chain. Probably wanking like crazy reading these angry comments. Part of his M.O. Whom the gods would destroy they first make angry. S.O.P. Let’s go back to sleep.

  15. “Their [Euroean ethnic groups’] commonality is that they were so successful in violence and exploitation that they were able to take and maintain power.”

    You could say the same thing about the Chinese. Or Muslim Arabs. Trouble yourself, Sol, to read about their histories, not to mention present activity. The only difference is that, as of this moment, they haven’t spread world-wide, not as ‘pure’ ethnic group nor miscegenated. But I say it’s coming – and you aren’t going to like it: only so many people in a given space can live a soft urban life: you are going to be marched into the countryside Pol Pot’s-Cambodia-style and told to grow food 18 hours a day, not unlike this (and not too much unlike the millions of hapless Chinese living in dormitories and working on assembly lines and routinely killing themselves):

    There’s not going to be any shit-for-brains White Christians around, with their pathetic, sappy guilty liberalism, to make sure it doesn’t happen; the Semites and Asians have no compunctions about using pitiless, coldblooded methods of dealing with sissies of their own racial origins.

    Anti-White = the worst tyranny imaginable.. You can bet on it. (And by the way, I did read your entire article.)

    You sure you want to trade exchange white “tyranny” & “privilege” for coffee-colored rule? Think twice. We are the best you’ve got. It doesn’t get better than this for delicate people.

    • Why mention Pol Pot when i can mention Hitler? It isn’t a matter of race, it’s about means and ideology.
      Asians and Africans as groups are just about as real as white people. They’re arbitrarily defined, and if any of them were to have anxieties about their race disappearing on account of people immigrating and other people advocating to treat them and other minorities better, I would think it was just as stupid. Fact is though, i know next to nothing about those states compared to what i know about America. I have no place talking about what they should be doing or having an opinion about what should happen to the Asian racial identity (in Asia).

      • There’s at least one Asian who is indeed anxious about his group disappearing: the Dalai Lama. He said that if the Chinese continue moving into Tibet and dominating it, there will be no Tibetan people left.

        “In future, too, the question whether in this world a UNIQUE PEOPLE [my emphasis] called the inhabitants of the Snowland of Tibet, and the profound culture and religion connected with them, would survive and thrive depends mainly on the people living in Tibet. Thinking from the opposite end, it is not impossible that the situation of the Tibetan people in Tibet will take such a tragic turn that they will become a minority in their own land. In such a situation, if those in Tibet fail to uphold the common aspiration of the TIBETAN RACE, [my emphasis] it will be extremely difficult for us in exile to be able to maintain the Tibetan ETHNIC IDENTITY [my emphasis] and to carry out things like keeping, defending and spreading the Tibetan religion and culture beyond some generations.”

        So, why not drop him a line and tell him how ‘stupid’ he is? You sure haven’t been shy about telling the white ideological grouping how horrid we are. Spread your love around, Solomon.

        But I’m a practical person and like to deal in realities. What might you have to say about the very real possibility that those people calling themselves “Chinese” might take over USA and decide to do another Great Leap Forward? You need to think about this! They’re already in Africa and have taken over a huge swath of Ukraine’s agricultural lands. The 1-child policy hasn’t worked and they need more-more-more LAND to produce food for their cake-holes. Are you planning for such a possibility here? Beef yourself up, Sol. Things are moving quickly. All bets are off.

        I’m an old goat, born in the 1940s. I have known true penury, desperation, hardship and humiliation such as some of your precious sacred cow minorities, with their neverending highly-dependable welfare checks, cannot. If my “ideological grouping” [race] disappears, so be it. I’ll be reunited with my family in due course. But you – you are scared; I can smell it.

        I’m curious to know how you have personally suffered at the hands of the white ideological grouping. There has to be a deeply personal reason; nobody writes the kind of stuff you do because of their love for humankind as a whole. You are like a white supremacist blaming everything on the Jewish people.

        • Tibetans are not the same thing as ‘Asians.’ Germans are not the same thing as ‘whites.’
          the Chinese have taken a foothold in those places because they are a superpower with colonialist aims. It is not at all a real possibility that such blatant action could occur here without war.
          I have not suffered much at the hands of whites. As i said to several others, i’m not anti-racist for my own advancement.
          You think i’m blaming everything on whites, but i’m blaming it on the world they’ve built; a world that proud whites claim credit for daily. if you want me to leave white people alone, then let’s let some other people conquer the world and shape its workings, and i’ll criticize them just as ferociously. But i think we would both rather we simply fix the problems we have now instead of going through that.

          • OK. If you don’t like that whites have supposedly conquered the whole world, and yet would be just as bothered if “other people” did the same, then what is your agenda? You aren’t making any sense. Are you one of those guys who is never happy with anything? What’s going on in your own personal life?

            The only way I can see to fix the problems created by us whites is for us to separate into our own little world, living under our own government. The rest of you noble people can have your Eden on Earth, all federating to defend yourselves against us not only militarily but economically, too, through sanctions, etc. You know – don’t sell us your natural resources, etc. Let us claw to try and stay alive. Then all those noble nonwhite will have no reason to bitch.

            This is not the Roman Empire, or 1492 or 1900. We’ve done our bit, we are ready to be on our own 100%. And so are the other ideological groupings.

            You sure do like to talk in abstractions. But my scenario, and it isn’t just mine, of the Chinese possibly making their way here – and they do already have their toe in the door through purchase of much land, etc. – is one that you don’t seem to want to discuss with me, in spite of my repeated efforts to bring up the topic. This is not theoretical, you have to deal with this very real possibility. What’s your plan, son?

            • You’re really missing the point, here. White people are responsible for this world because they are the ones who took control. They’re responsible for the problems of American society because they have been in control since its inception. The world and society are not perfect; there are problems, and white people are responsible. It’s the “natural order” for whites to be at the top, and anything that changes that is an attack on whiteness and the white race.

              This is what would happen if Asians were in charge, as I said in the article. If Asians were in charge of the world (as they are in charge of Asia,) it would be just as responsible and culpable for the problems of the world. The world and society would likewise be Asian supremacist. As I said in the article you claimed to read, whites are in this special position because they are in charge. Those who are in charge codify their power by making it seem natural and right. This is what happened with white people, and it is one of the main problems facing our society today. If someone else took over, right now, it would just switch seats of power.

              That’s what I mean when I say the preferable solution to someone else taking over is just fixing the problems we’re dealing with now, which is exactly what I’m doing. THAT’S my evil plan. The white race will die out over the course of this equalization simply because its lifeblood is exploitation and supremacy (just as it would be for any other race in charge).

              You may ask why I can’t just talk about power and what it does to people. Because whites have constructed a system AROUND their race. It is eminently relevant to discuss it in terms of “white people,” and it just so happens that there is a contingent of people who see the white race’s position of power being attacked and believe this constitutes a moral outrage on the level of the Holocaust, and I want to address them.

              You honestly did not read what I said, or have terrible reading comprehension. What I said is that if you’re mad about me criticizing white people, you are mad about me criticizing the world and hoping for change. They are not solely responsible, but they are the ones who have been MOST responsible, and with the most agency currently to actually fix things.

              The white race is ABSOLUTELY NOT ready to be on its own 100%. If it were, it would not be leeching resources, manpower, and people from less powerful countries. It has run on feudalism, capitalism, exploitative communism, globalization, and neocolonialism for centuries and shows no signs of stopping. It needs an attitude adjustment before it can actually operate independently. As it stands now, the white way of life is unsustainable without the utilization of other races.

              I’m not discussing China with you because it’s completely irrelevant. Why should I engage you in this?

              • We’ve gone overboard with the attitude adjustment, if anything. It’s called liberalism, self-hatred, deconstruction, etc. It’s the nonwhite parasites who need their bums kicked.

            • You act like there’s no hope for change to the current system. That’s really all I’m aiming for. I just think it’s funny that white people are worried about the white race dying out in the process, when the white race itself is a symbol of inequality.

              The white race must be destroyed because the means of its destruction are the ends of anti-racism. I really don’t care if white people are still around at the end of it; I have nothing against white people as individuals. It’s just that I recognize white nationalists’ points that the white race is threatened by anti-racism. I choose anti-racism over whites, for the reasons I’ve exhaustively laid out previously.

              • You must just be anti-white if you choose anti-racism over my race’s right to exist.
                If POC are so upset about white racism, why don’t they just move away from whites??
                It’s kinda like a woman complaining that her husband beats her then she goes back to him. Are anti-racist POC nuts or what??? Are you a psychotic anti-white?

                  • What part of your statement;
                    “The white race must be destroyed…” am I misconstruing??

                    And why can’t racism be negated just by anti-white POC moving away from whites?

                    • You’re misconstruing by not including or reading or comprehending the next part of that sentence.

                      Beyond that, what do you think my game is anyway? If you think I’m advocating violence and death to white human beings, why would I deny it so vehemently? I’m pretty forthcoming with my positions, here. I abhor violence, and that’s the truth. It’s up to you to figure out how my position jibes with that moral value; I made it pretty easy for you to understand in the article.

                    • Which is more codeword for :bullshit.

                      you just admitted to wanting to promote genocide you dumb idiot. you are either a hypocrit,dumb, or lying directly. bullshitting about something else when we can see what you wrote is obvious.

                      The non jews did it lol

                      the 1% blaming the 99% (yes the bankers are doing it) and scapegoating the non jews aswell. at least you didnt talk about the genocide conspiracy about 6 million dead jews. where as in that number appear in new york times 1918 and over 20 times. people here should google that number for more evidence on that conspiracy theory.

                      you are merely an anti-non semite and a jew, not white. jews are a Malignant group and should be removed.

                      besides whites dont control the world since they dont exists in your opinion lol^^

                      like said before “Which is why white people get Sickle Cell Anemia and Koreans get Tay-Sachs Disease. It’s why the Human Genome Project was abandoned as a pointless exercise since all humans are exactly the same. It’s why Mongoloids and Negroids can drink milk and Caucasoids can eat unfermented soybeans. It’s the reason for a perfectly equitable racial distribution among fast runners, National Merit Scholars and hard science Noble Prize winners”

                      proves that race does indeed exists, and harvard is indeed merely a hyped institution where the people that graduated were rich and had contacts in high society, not that its a good institution other than propaganda.

                      as such, since you havent given any evidence to contradict the quoted piece that was written before shows that race does indeed exists.

                      its just that whites on avarage are more intelligent than black people, or whatever a black people are since black culture dont exists.
                      still its important to remove blacks who are more prone to violence. as statistics shows.
                      people here who are not dumb can also google that for evidence.
                      as such, they are also more creative than asians and more intelligent than jews for example.

                      as such, the white race and white people should band toghether to promote white pride, white culture and protect their own race and others of their own people.

                      oh and those eskimos in a certain state that are the only ones that are allowed to hunt? how do they determine if they are eskimo? by a racial blood test.

                      That also means we are going to remove you Solomon wong, as you probably dont exists by your own logic^^
                      as the movements started in europe are rising up, they will make that true.both in your imaginary world and in reality. and rightfully so.
                      thats why just like the rest of your lying to cover up your dumb statements and trying to flat out lie about them, when we can see them right there.

                      We can also see that you lie about your race(or just a dumb anti-non semitic jew who just lies) but that is for us to determine and decide=)

  16. Re: My (sho’nuf’s post, above):

    Sorry, I omitted the most obvious example of what far easterners are capable of doing in the name of economic/cultural/social ‘progress’: The Great Leap Forward. The Chinese have no compunctions whatsoever in condemning their own folk, by the millions, to a horrible life and death. Better go into your trunk and get that little Mao hat out, Sol. And start working out in the gym. Whether it’s deindustrialization (Cambodia) or industrialization/collective agriculture (China), there’s a cold wind blowing for the white/ multicultural societies that you are nicely tucked into – for now.

    • Americans have no compunctions, either, it’s just that conveniently for you and me, the people our country eats alive are generally black and latino.

      More relevantly for you, a shitton of poor whites are fucked over as well.

      • The Blacks and Latinos here are doing wonderful compared to their ancestral places of residence. That’s why they come here, to take advantage of stupid white liberals and the beer/porn/football crowd. It’s win-win for the nonwhites – and folks like you, too, with the seething hate that you deny is roiling inside of you.

        Er…please don’t tell me where my interests lie. I may be crazy but not stupid.

        • That has nothing to do with what I said. Nobody in a position of power has any compunctions at all about consigning others to misery and death. The US and other western countries have a huge amount of money and complex governments that prevent the ridiculously blatant human rights abuses of less-developed nations (in their own country, at least), but it’s not at all a function of race. White societies have had their periods of outright barbarism, too.

          Just because blacks and latinos are doing better here than there, doesn’t mean they’re doing WELL, or that their treatment or position is acceptable.
          “nonwhite parasites…” yeah I’m sure I was really off-base assuming you care more about whites.

          • How recently did you exit an American indoctrination center? Were you part of the “multicultural society?” Did you spend the whole time there being isolated from Europeans and placed amongst Indians, Africans and other “minorities?” You don’t have to answer that…

        • “white parasites who are in power” is of course hilarious, as proven that there is more given to the blackies and hispanics in their community because of their race rather than any white.

          so it proves that they are indeed parasites, while individual whites work individual.

          more scapegoating whites and is simular to the “white privilege conspiracy theory” where every white or the majority of whites work against non-whites^^

          non-white societies are the only ones that have outright barbarism. non-democratic countries(america is ruled by the jew lobby, check youtube on that aswell, its mostly because of usury throughout the middleages the jewish bankers got so much power)

          so america ruled by whites for other whites where they arent allowed to help other people because of their whiteness, yet they are still somehow doing it?
          now thats doublethink and a classic hatecriminal canard and hoax about Europeans and whites in general.

          the blacks and latinos are leaching of the wellfare not presidented of european whites, so of course it not only shows a race factor, but it also shows your idiotic nonsense about them contributing^^ or even helping white communities. they are bad for the,

          the rest howevever, is more true that the zionist occupied government of america doing what they want for their israeli Yosef ovadia masters.

          people here should google yosef ovadia what he has to say about non jews.

          so you were kinda shooting yourself in the wood “Solomon” since you just admitted jews murdered far more than any white country are doing^^

  17. The slogan “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white” is a “mantra” used by Swarmfront. Swarmfront, for those who are not aware is a subforum on Stormfront dedicated to the spread of White Nationalist propaganda on the internet.
    The mentioned slogan is White Nationalist propaganda in it’s purest form. They’re trying to play victim in order to spread a subtle hate agenda based on forced “cleansing” of non-whites. As a white person you do not want to associate with people who are going to make everyone in the world their enemies. This is NOT smart for the well-being of the white race. Ignore it.

    • Anti-racist = anti-white is a meme that was invented by
      Read Whitaker’s blog.
      Check out Bob Whitakers site and see if his agenda is spreading hate and making enemies of the white race.
      I can’t see how anyone can call for the genocide (by assimilation) of my race and say he is not an enemy of my race.

      It’s Asia for Asians, Africa for Africans, white countries for everyone.

  18. “As it stands now, the white way of life is unsustainable without the utilization of other races.” We sustained ourselves pretty good aeons ago, before we went bad.

    Why would you object to those people who self-identify as “White” forming their own little country, if being alone would cause us to disappear? That’s what you want, so, why not. We are only about (I think) 10% of the world’s popualtion and have been de-fanged by our enemies. You good people (those who identify as not-White) could all unite to make sure we don’t ever use our power over you again. In previous eras, you did not yet have access to the technology (that we invented) that made our depredations over you possible. I asked you this yesterday but you didn’t pay attention. (I thought I was the one guilty of poor comprehension…)

      • I never said I was optimistic about such a development at all. I was just interested to know your viewpoint. Yup, we white boys & girls are headed for that high jump. But that doesn’t mean we, or at least I and a few others, are going to hold still for shitt being poured on our heads by certain hostile parties but, hey, I’m not naming names because that would not be gracious. :) Got nothing to lose at this point.

  19. You hold unborn white children responsible for crimes that happened thousands of miles away and hundreds of years ago….tsk tsk Mr.Wong.

  20. It’s just a fringe extremist Marxian, conflict theory influenced world-view cribbed from cranks like Noel Ignatiev. Repeating canards like the Irish were once considered non-white (they weren’t) and that “whiteness” was founded in racism, maintains racism, and serves no other function or purpose than the continuation of racism.

    It’s not just that Wong is offensive, it’s that he’s wrong. That he repeats the work of ideologic Marxist crackpots like Ignatiev as if it were ideologically neutral, objective truth. He and other drones in this movement will not alter their ugly, virulent anti-white propaganda as long as they subscribe to this bunk.

    It is the world viewed as a simplistic two-polar model of antagonistic groups or classes with conflicting interests. Master/ Slave, Up/Down, Evil/Good, Male/Female, Whites/People of color, Capitalist/Proletarian, Privilege/Underprivilege, Oppressor/Oppressed. All the social institutions, polices, practices as well as the shape of the ideological landscape are largely the result and expression of the top/dominant group’s interests. Even racist, ethnic, or gender conflict within different “down” groups can and will be seen within this context. In other words it’s white people’s fault if different Asian and African groups have conflict.

    Thus when these ideologues talk about race it is always in the context of the up/dominant/privileged groups “interests”. That race is nothing more than a rationalization dreamed up by a dominant group to explain and justify a system of dominance and control. You can’t talk to the Wong’s and Tim Wise’s of the world without understanding this ideologic background and the comically simplistic world view that underlies it.

    • Are Atheists oppressors or oppressed? Are Jews more oppressed than Muslims, or is Islamophobia just as bad as Anti-Semitism? Is the Naqba equal to the Holocaust?

  21. Quote:
    ”White nations, those non-Jew European countries and their colonies, came to greatness through vampirism.”

    Yeah the world trembles before mighty empires of Czech Republic, Belarus, Estonia and Finland. You are engaging in racist generalization towards Europeans, most of whom never had colonies nor great influence(only a couple of Western did plus Russia)
    Not to mention countries like Japan or Singapore have better standard of living then Portugal, Greece, Poland, Slovakia or many other countries in Europe.

    And you are applying American concepts of racism to Nazi ones. Nazis didn’t object to the idea that Poles or Czechs were white, they didn’t care much about it. Their ideology was centered on different concepts like Aryan race, rather than color of the skin-thus non-white Hindus or Japanese could be above white Poles.

  22. David, it’s a wrong even for the strongest white nations. There had been empires, wars, slavery, conquest, caste systems, parasitic ruling elites, exploitation, sexism, rape and mass murder in societies in various parts of the world for thousands of years. The scientific and industrial revolutions made the Western world the overly whelmingly doinant civilization on Earth. Previous empires elsewhere in the world had never achieved anything like that degree of advancement.

    But you have to understand the Marxian theoretical base that Wong parrots. Whiteness and Whites take the place of the “Capitalists”. The overthrow and demolition of Whiteness and whites is the necessary component to the raceless future of humanity, just as a classless society of classical Marxism will be achieved once the Capitalists are demolished.

  23. Solomon,
    You say race isn’t real!? In that 1 simple comment, you prove that you’re an idiot. All dogs are of 1 species, but there are many different breeds. Do you deny the existence of dog breeds?…lol It’s funny, you can find 100’s of studies on intelligence, temperament, obedience, etc. for dog breeds, but to have the same conversation about homo-sapiens is taboo. Here’s a simple evolutionary FACT: the White race exists, the Black race exists, and the Asian race exists, along with the 100’s of ethnic groups in-between. Wake-up, and abandon your “political correctness” – you’re simply waving your arms and shouting, “Hey! I’m an ignorant douche-bag”.

  24. advance it therefore as a suspicion only, that the blacks, whether originally a distinct race, or made distinct by time and circumstances, are inferior to the whites in the endowments both of body and mind. It is not against experience to suppose, that different species of the same genus, or varieties of the same species, may possess different qualifications. Will not a lover of natural history then, one who views the gradations in all the races of animals with the eye of philosophy, excuse an effort to keep those in the department of man as distinct as nature has formed them? This unfortunate difference of colour, and perhaps of faculty, is a powerful obstacle to the emancipation of these people. Many of their advocates, while they wish to vindicate the liberty of human nature, are anxious also to preserve its dignity and beauty. Some of these, embarrassed by the question `What further is to be done with them?’ join themselves in opposition with those who are actuated by sordid avarice only. Among the Romans emancipation required but one effort. The slave, when made free, might mix with, without staining the blood of his master. But with us a second is necessary, unknown to history. When freed, he is to be removed beyond the reach of mixture.

  25. 60-page review of the scientific evidence, some based on state-of-the-art magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of brain size, has concluded that race differences in average IQ are largely genetic.

    The lead article in the June 2005 issue of Psychology, Public Policy and Law, a journal of the American Psychological Association, examined 10 categories of research evidence from around the world to contrast “a hereditarian model (50% genetic-50% cultural) and a culture-only model (0% genetic-100% cultural).”

    The paper, “Thirty Years of Research on Race Differences in Cognitive Ability,” by J. Philippe Rushton of the University of Western Ontario and Arthur R. Jensen of the University of California at Berkeley, appeared with a positive commentary by Linda Gottfredson of the University of Delaware, three critical ones (by Robert Sternberg of Yale University, Richard Nisbett of the University of Michigan, and Lisa Suzuki & Joshua Aronson of New York University), and the authors’ reply.

    “Neither the existence nor the size of race differences in IQ are a matter of dispute, only their cause,” write the authors. The Black-White difference has been found consistently from the time of the massive World War I Army testing of 90 years ago to a massive study of over 6 million corporate, military, and higher-education test-takers in 2001.

    “Race differences show up by 3 years of age, even after matching on maternal education and other variables,” said Rushton. “Therefore they cannot be due to poor education since this has not yet begun to exert an effect. That’s why Jensen and I looked at the genetic hypothesis in detail. We examined 10 categories of evidence.”

    The Worldwide Pattern of IQ Scores. East Asians average higher on IQ tests than Whites, both in the U. S. and in Asia, even though IQ tests were developed for use in the Euro-American culture. Around the world, the average IQ for East Asians centers around 106; for Whites, about 100; and for Blacks about 85 in the U.S. and 70 in sub-Saharan Africa.

    Race Differences are Most Pronounced on Tests that Best Measure the General Intelligence Factor (g). Black-White differences, for example, are larger on the Backward Digit Span test than on the less g loaded Forward Digit Span test.

    The Gene-Environment Architecture of IQ is the Same in all Races, and Race Differences are Most Pronounced on More Heritable Abilities. Studies of Black, White, and East Asian twins, for example, show the heritability of IQ is 50% or higher in all races.

    Brain Size Differences. Studies using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) find a correlation of brain size with IQ of about 0.40. Larger brains contain more neurons and synapses and process information faster. Race differences in brain size are present at birth. By adulthood, East Asians average 1 cubic inch more cranial capacity than Whites who average 5 cubic inches more than Blacks.

    Trans-Racial Adoption Studies. Race differences in IQ remain following adoption by White middle class parents. East Asians grow to average higher IQs than Whites while Blacks score lower. The Minnesota Trans-Racial Adoption Study followed children to age 17 and found race differences were even greater than at age 7: White children, 109; Mixed-Race children, 99; and Black children, 89.

    Racial Admixture Studies. Black children with lighter skin, for example, average higher IQ scores. In South Africa, the IQ of the mixed-race “Colored” population averages 85, intermediate to the African 70 and White 100.

    IQ Scores of Blacks and Whites Regress toward the Averages of Their Race. Parents pass on only some exceptional genes to offspring so parents with very high IQs tend to have more average children. Black and White children with parents of IQ 115 move to different averages–Blacks toward 85 and Whites to 100.

    Race Differences in Other “Life-History” Traits. East Asians and Blacks consistently fall at two ends of a continuum with Whites intermediate on 60 measures of maturation, personality, reproduction, and social organization. For example, Black children sit, crawl, walk, and put on their clothes earlier than Whites or East Asians.

    Race Differences and the Out-of-Africa theory of Human Origins. East Asian-White-Black differences fit the theory that modern humans arose in Africa about 100,000 years ago and expanded northward. During prolonged winters there was evolutionary selection forhigher IQ created by problems of raising children, gathering and storing food, gaining shelter, and making clothes.

    Do Culture-Only Theories Explain the Data? Culture-only theories do not explain the highly consistent pattern of race differences in IQ, especially the East Asian data. No interventions such as ending segregation, introducing school busing, or “Head Start” programs have reduced the gaps as culture-only theory would predict.

  26. The idea that “race is a social construct” is, of course, reserved entirely for whites. That is to say, there is no argument against blacks, asians, hispanics or jews in confirming their race. “Race is a social construct” is a code-phrase for “whites must be denied self-determination.” Why is this? It’s so that the western world; primarily white and culturally Christian (even in a secular-humanist population) is denied any sense of self-determination, worth, identity and ultimately… democracy. It’s a tired old tactic by the Marxist left to destroy the west. It harks back to the early 20th century and Marxist theorists. If you don’t believe me, check up on Antonia Gramsci’s plan of “the long march through the institutions”, through to the Frankfurt School, through to the loony left of the UK in the 70s and 80s. The so-called scientific idea of race being non-existent is ridiculous due to the emphasis on racial profiling in forensics and medicine. A forensic scientist can, for example, determine the race of someone simply by examining a thigh bone. Don’t be fooled by this Marxist propaganda people.

  27. “White nations, those non-Jew European countries and their colonies, came to greatness through vampirism. Even taking into account some theoretical inherent superiority of whites, their nations were built through subjugating and exploiting people they conquered.”

    Switzerland is on of the richest countries in the world. Whom did the Swiss people exploit?

  28. Marxists are trying to undermine the West by destroying the white race and bringing historically and scientifically proven inferior races. They just can’t live with the fact that their ideology has rotted and collapsed, they want the West to die. Saving the White Race means saving the western civilization from the hordes of third world parasites, who never invented or created anything, just cause of what they really are.

  29. I say we open up Israel and let the Palestinians in to mix with the jewish population, that way there can be no hate between the 2 groups and the author of this article can have his way.

  30. The best excuse anti-Whites have is.. “race isn’t real” and “racist construct”, yet they ALWAYS know how to identify this “construct” just by looking at the person’s “non-existent” racial characteristics.

    And non-Whites are never dismissed as a non-race, quite the opposite, they’re the new master race, harmed by the devilish White man!

    Anti-Whitism is about as bat shit crazy as the inqusitions of the dark ages.. oh wait, even more! xD

    “Diversity” is a codeword for Anti-White GeNOcide!

    • Race is pretty clearly coded and as such it’s easy to identify someone by their “race.” This doesn’t mean that race is a real thing. Caste isn’t a real thing either, but it is a system that exists and is understood by most members of caste societies. America operates under a racial hierarchy and most Americans know what race a person would be defined as within that system.

  31. I’m a little unclear about the author’s position. Does he support (consensual) genocide of the Jews for the same reason he supports (consensual) white genocide?

    • No, he probably is a Jew, which would explain why he hates white gentiles so much and wants them to be destroyed (along with non-Jewish Semites presumably…)

      • Probably a mixed race freak – half Jew, half Chinese, probably well educated at a white institution now dedicated to race treason (at my own Ivy U, I knew several “Chebrews” – Jew dad, Chinese mom). The next step in the conservative US assault on liberalism is defunding the Marxoid universities.

    • Solomon said somewhere here (to me) that he identifies as “white”. FWIW. So he wants to destroy himself or something…

  32. To Solomon Wong:

    Thank you for this outstanding post! I LOVE it when nonwhites express the truth of their hatred for (and world-historically profound ingratitude towards) whites. Whites built the world; whites have done and produced everything of value in history (including foolishly giving the gift of life itself to billions of dysgenic, parasitic, utterly unnecessary nonwhites); and nonwhites, marinated in, ironically, white-traitor-theorized egalitarianism, just can’t handle that truth.

    Envy: perhaps the oldest sin.

    I intend to repost this essay widely. These types of posts are the best possible recruitment tool for end-running white-liberal-racetraitor propaganda, and waking deracinated and deluded whites to the very real threats to our existence that the mere presence of nonwhites occupying our living spaces poses to us.

    Wong is wrong (heehee – that’s a good meme) in everything he says. Race is a BIOLOGICAL REALITY, and it correlates with alternately positive and negative traits and behaviors. White societies are superior because whites are superior (or were – today most whites are race-liberal douchebags, lemmings allowing themselves to be herded into the fire). The white race is the Earth’s most valuable resource (not to mention literal protector: ONLY whites ever evince willingness to sacrifice for environmental preservation; just look at the ecological behavior of the dirty Chinese (including in the US)).

    But Wong’s words must be heeded. Let no one suppose that our race is going to survive without violence. There WILL have to be war for survival. Therefore and yet again, I say the ethics of our survival (ie, of taking the extreme measures that must be taken to ensure white genetic purity and perpetuity) must be formulated, and widely disseminated (and thus the asininity of some white nationalists attacking instead of coopting and cleansing Christianity is almost too much to bear). And this must be accomplished even as we fight the political battles (eg, against immigration) to build up (or, these days, merely preserve) our physical power.

    Ultimately, henceforth, ALL elements in any white nationalist or European ethnonationalist agenda must be oriented around the belief that race war is coming, and that total white genocide will be the result of loss in that war.

    The battle lines are clear. It will be Whites v. the World (of course the beautiful thing will be the coming extermination of white race-liberals en masse, caught as they will be between the nonwhite ‘genocidaires’, and the Last Real White Men, who, I assure the little man Wong, will incinerate the planet before we tolerate the extinction of its highest human life form).

  33. Thank you for confessing to being Anti-White and confessing to your promotion of White Genocide. You fucking Anti-White piece of trash. We’re just getting started with the Mantra. Understand, whore?

  34. LOL.. Solomon, you have no clue what you are talking about. race doesn’t exist? Ok, I guess evolution is wrong and no dog breeds exist either. We are all hallucinating when we can visually see the differences not only physiologically but behaviorally. The white man didn’t commit all the sins of the world; what about Genghis Khan, how about the Turks, how about the Soviet Jews, I can keep going; no race has their hands clean… Yes the white man engaged in slavery, but then he also ABOLISHED IT PERMANENTLY… So keep bashing the white man while you enjoy his technologies and his homelands, and the freedoms he gave your dumb ass.

    If race doesn’t exist then you are saying that DNA doesn’t change phenotype, we all bleed red, we are all human beings and all have the same cranial shape, hair type, IQ, disease immunities , bone structure, etc because our skin color determines that; nothing else right? You are so ignorant its insane. But keep spewing your communist propaganda. The reason why race has been suppressed is because the Franz Boas school of Anthropology came after WW2 into America with its Jewish Marxist nonsense that race is a social construct. The jews pushed this nonsense in order to protect themselves from every being discriminated on a racial basis again. Meanwhile genetics proves otherwise but it suppressed by the Jewish supremacists who want to push the multicultural lie on us all. The lie that you so foolishly bought.

    As for the white race, name any other race that has contributed even 1/8 of the worlds inventions and advancements… The very computer your fingers are typing on was created by a white man. All the technologies and social advancements were made by the white man. If you hate white people so much, why don’t u move to the Congo where they have way better living conditions. The racist Africans will chop you up and eat you alive like they love doing to whites in south Africa.

    As for the Asians, Japanese and Chinese they have contributed much to the world in regards to technology, but usually improving on already white invented technologies. So aside from the white race, the Japanese and Chinese can hold their own, as they have for thousands of years, but they don’t’ give a shit about the rest of the world as they have remained isolationists and don’t’ have as much altruism as the white man. Should you destroy the white man, I highly doubt the Asians will allow the 3rd world to invade their nations and try to “right” all the “wrongs”…

    People like you will get destroyed by the very things you think you know you are talking about. I read a few days ago of a anti-racist activist getting raped by the immigrant she was protesting for…Sad but true, but people like you will only learn when you get raped or beat up by a black flash mob.

    So should you and your Marxist masters get their way, how would the world be? has american become BETTER since all its uncontrolled immigration and race mixing? is Europe safer now? Crime going down while these Arabs muslims rape women in sweden by the thousands? Should you and your jewish masters accomplish your task, there would be no 1st world left. You think after you kill off all the white people the world will be able to maintain itself; that inventions ill continue to come out and make the world better? It won’t at all, in fact, eventually it would destroy the people who pushed this nonsense in the first place.So the fact that you have this stance against my people. white Europeans, you are my enemy, but I don’t have to take any actions against your personally because like I said, the very concepts you support will destroy you.

    As for the awakened whites here reading this nonsense, make sure you guys come check out where expose the anti-white garbage and have created a home for white people with our white media…

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