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I Hate America: Don’t Vote.

Note: What follows is based on something I had written way back before the election, and I thought it ought to go up here in slightly modified form. Lately I’ve been thinking about the subject because the New York mayoral elections are coming up, and I thought that was as good of a reason to discuss my thoughts on voting, or at least how voting is treated in the US popular discourse. Discussions of popular sovereignty are somewhat boring to me, because I care more about morality than this particular ideology per se, but I hope to demonstrate that there is nothing “free” or “popularly sovereign” about the way elections (which are merely a MECHANISM for democracy, not democracy itself) operate within the US:

In the past here on Be Young & Shut Up I have criticized Barack Obama. The reason is simple: Barack Obama is a terrible human being, who like his best friend George W. Bush, is only able to achieve an erection by drinking the blood of Pashtun children who he kills with the help of his other best friend. Also like Bush, he adores rapists, Zionists, Islamists (although when he wants to kill Pashtuns, he blames it on the assumption that they are all scary Islamist militants, which is good in Syria and bad everywhere else apparently), hateful reactionaries of every faith for that matter, curtailing civil liberties, eternal war, and backgammon.

In other words, Barack Obama is George W. Bush. We are now living in the fourth term of George W. Bush. Liberals did not notice.

And that’s why I don’t vote.

Ha ha! Just kidding, liberals. I knew that would leave you steaming! No, don’t worry, I know that to be allowed to criticize this obviously broken system, run as it is by lobbyists and bankers, and subservient as it is to so-called “security”, I have to pretend that it is legitimate by casting a vote for SOMEBODY.

So I voted for Ron Paul.

HO HO! You liberals sure didn’t like that one! I took some precious votes away from Obama, and almost prevented him from maintaining power and using it to rob, murder and oppress human beings! Had there been a few more like me, perhaps Romney would’ve won, and done the same thing but mentioned Jesus slightly more often! But even on a non-pragmatic level, I do understand, I mean, Ron Paul isn’t a feminist like Obama is (ha ha). He’s racially insensitive, sometimes saying things which upset brown people. Obama, on the other hand, is more sensitive. As a brown man himself, he knows it’s best to massacre brown people while saying nice things that can’t offend them.

Boy you liberals really hate me now, don’t you? Don’t worry. I do understand. Economically and in terms of race and gender issues, I think Ron Paul is really problematic. He would turn the US into some sort of backward third-world capitalist nightmare (like the ones that people like Obama have helped to maintain all over the world for a population of humans far greater than that of the United States, in between murdering humans through methods that Ron Paul consistently opposes). And we can’t have that sort of immorality.

That’s why I voted for Jill Stein.

Wow, nothing satisfies you, does it liberals? Now you’ve got all the important social issues for Americans, economic policies which are humane, and consistent and principled opposition to war. What more do you want?

Ah, she can’t win. That’s the issue (although considering how many people don’t vote for people like her just because they “can’t win”, it makes one wonder if they would win if we weren’t a nation of cowardly losers who defend mass murder). Well that was also the issue with Ron Paul (“coincidentally”, both of them are anti-war).

So in this supposedly free country, you liberals basically feel that I should be given the choice between a murderous religious capitalist and a slightly more secular murderous capitalist. And if I don’t choose the lesser of two evils, I’m either “throwing my vote away” (I’m not) or I have no right to speak (why though?), because I don’t take part in our wonderful democracy (where the only two choices are murder and murder).

i wonder what hitler would do with drones

I wrote “Hitler” and threw it in here. Just as helpful to the world as voting for Obama.

Well I’ve got some dark news for you about that “lesser of two evils” business: It’s bullshit. Because the lesser of two evils today is way worse than the greater of two evils decades ago, and that is because your precious Democrats keep moving right out of fear that they are too far left for the insanely right-wing media in our fascist little garbage country with less than 5% of the world’s population that kills and steals and oppresses every year and when the most “liberal” people in it are asked to consider the lives of the rest of the planet for a second instead of blindly supporting the lesser of two evils (the operative word being “evil”), their tiny, narcissistic, racist brains can only think that the person they’re talking to must not understand how BAD the Republicans are. And the Republicans aren’t staying still. So every four years you get two candidates who are further right than before, and if you don’t love one of them, it means you’re surrendering to rightism.

It’s as if we’re being asked to jump into a car tied to the back of another car, which is pulling it steadily towards a cliff. And if we refuse, we are told “Don’t you see how close that other car is to the cliff?”


Put more simply: If we vote for the “lesser of two evils” every election, how are we being “strategic” rather than just “evil”?

So corrupt is the two party system that being nominated for the national ticket of one of the two parties and being a moral human being are mutually exclusive: The only reason why one would run as a third party candidate rather than take the money associated with working for one of the two big parties is because one has more morals than the soulless monsters who consistently are nominated to run for President of the United States of War, Big Business and Brainwashing.

But that obvious fact is too much for the mainstream political discourse in our backwards homeland, populated as it is by selfish children who, as their tax money funds the murder of beautiful Pashtun children, whine that they are American and they are only concerned with American things, and can’t be bothered to live their lives thinking about foreigners. This is the mentality which says that the Boston bombings deserve more tears and more discussion than the victims of Obama’s drone policy, who are far more, and whose families will have to get by on far less once the smoke from the drone attack has cleared.

But at least the people in Boston were innocent victims. Why are we expected to “support our troops”? Simply because they work for the government? Why not “support our garbagemen”? They are mere hired thugs (at best). The Nazis supported their troops too, and dutifully cried for them, and not for dead Jews, just as Americans cry for dead Yankee murder-marines and not for Fallujah (which is far away, as Poland was far away from Hamburg!) How many of us would want to hear any tears for foreign soldiers killed by a resistance movement in the US against a foreign occupation which resulted in the deaths of at least one hundred thousand Americans? Do you think any Polish people had any such sympathy for those Germans who concerned themselves with the lost German life as a result of the barbaric German invasion? To ignore these facts is racism, pure and simple. The mainstream attitude in the United States when it comes to human life, by both liberals and conservatives, is no better than that of Nazis. That is what I have to say about your “democracy”, America.

Good night.

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