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The Only Times It’s Okay to Describe a Young Girl as “Predatory”

Is this still even a thing? Yes, of course it is. Robert Colver, a judge in a case about pedophilia and child abuse toward a 13-year-old girl, described the girl as “predatory in all her actions and she is sexually experienced.” It seems that even in cases of clear abuse toward an individual who cannot, under any circumstances, provide consent, you still manage to find ways to turn it around on a girl who has suffered humiliation of having her case go to court and being made public.

sad teen girl“How familiar this is. When in doubt, the female temptress is to blame, the old Eve – or in this case, a very young one. The little vixen had led astray a 41-year-old man found to have images of child abuse and bestiality on his computer.” Read more at The Guardian

If you’re thinking about using the word “predatory” to describe a kid, take a moment and make sure you haven’t been reading too much Nabokov, because you probably are and it’s making you sick. If you’re not sure, here are 3 scenarios where I (and the world) might give you a pass.

When she is a trained assassin

Assassins are already pretty intimidating. But a young girl who is also a trained assassin is more likely to have been trained by birth by her retired assassin dad, as opposed to a kid who grew up angry and proved themselves when they were 18 by joining a terrorist group or something. She’s got at least 13 years of training on you, and probably doesn’t know what tears are.


Her eyes are dead. Like how you will soon be.

When she is a female tiger cub on her first hunt

That title is misleading. Mostly because here is a video of a 16-month-old tiger cub, but she already knows how to hunt. GET OUT THE WAY. This girl’s a literal predator.

tiger and bunny


When your life is a horror movie and she wants to eat you

I especially wouldn’t blame you for this one. Sometimes they’re clawing after you to get to your flesh. Sometimes the devil is making them do the things they do. Sometimes they ARE the devil. I mean, aren’t there like six exorcism movies by now? How many more creepy girls are we going to take before they devour us all? They’re unpredictable, always aggressive, standing in hallways, and constantly singing “Ring Around the Rosie” and other songs from the Creepy Little Girl’s Greatest Hits album.

ring girl

This isn’t even my final form.

Hm, yeah, that’s about it. I seriously can’t think of any other instances, real or imaginary, where using the word “predatory” to describe a young girl is legitimate or even accurate. It certainly should never be used to describe how a young girl becomes involved in her own abuse. And bringing up a girl’s sexual experience in a case like this is irrelevant, and sexist (not to mention CREEPY). And I thought nothing could measure up to the image above.


4 thoughts on “The Only Times It’s Okay to Describe a Young Girl as “Predatory”

  1. I think Mary Bell quite fairly might have been described as predatory. But you will note she preyed on toddlers–not grown men.

    Nonetheless, adult predators do not simply emerge fully formed out of the ground at 18. They were also predatory teenagers. And possibly predatory children. But in a relationship with an adult, the adult has a responsibility which the child–predatory or not–simply does not have. The child’s personality or disorder or whatever the problem is does not not serve as an adequate excuse for adult bad behavior.

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