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Tila Tequila: Crazy, or More Lucid Than You?

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So Tila Tequila, once famous for… whatever it was she was famous for, has renounced her past apolitical ways and embraced lunatic conspiracy theories about reptilians. And yet, despite her rapid transformation from non-political figure to fringe political figure, she’s managed to teach us an important lesson about the sorry state of our society: There’s something wrong with US society because Tila Tequila makes more sense than Thomas Friedman. Not because I ever expected Thomas Friedman to make sense, of course, but because Tila Tequila peddling lunatic conspiracy theories ought not to even be in the same league as highly paid op-ed writers for a US paper of record. But I was reading her website, which I had been introduced to knowing full well it was going to contain reptilian-type conspiracy theories, and I have to say that there’s some stuff there I find sympathetic.

It all started with this article on Amanda Bynes, which frankly, pretty much exactly conforms to my understanding of the treatment of women in the entertainment industry:

I do not jump on the evil media bandwagon in trying to destroy this girl knowing damned well that there is another hidden truth behind the bullshit that is currently being put out there to slander the poor girl, and shame on all of you who think someone’s life that could be in danger, that you find it all so entertaining.

Disagree with one word of that. I dare you.

You see most of these child stars were handpicked, and groomed so that they would grow up to be a massive money maker. Nothing more than a cash cow for those greedy evil ones who have no concern nor care for human life whatsoever! These children are just bread to be used as money making pawns, and once their MK Ultra starts to “Malfunction” that is when they will use their powerful tool called “Mainstream Media” to spin the story in oh so many ways so that the truth will never see the light of day. Well, I am going to make sure that this time…. THE TRUTH SHALL BE KNOWN! Most child stars who are groomed since childhood to become stars usually are under mind control. They are just a puppet. So what happens is that one day with certain people their Mind Control starts to malfunction, and this is why they start to “act” very out of character. That is because for so long, for their entire lives they have been conditioned and told who they were, what they like, what to wear, and basically have no sense of their own identify of who their real “SELF” is.

I know it’s difficult to separate the tone of that rant from the knowledge that the author believes in reptilians, but yeah, honestly, there is clearly a sort of “thought control” attempted by the entertainment industry on stars. Amanda Bynes (or Britney Spears for that matter) is a kind of “victim” of an industry that used her for massive profit, and while they paid her handsomely for it, the emotional, psychological, and physical cost must have been tremendous. She quotes Amanda Bynes’s twitter for evidence of the rage Amanda Bynes feels at trying to liberate herself from her gilded cage:

amanda bynes knows what's really real

I want the same damn thing for the exact same reason, and you’re a liar if you say that you don’t.

I read the whole thing and I have to say it’s a more accurate take on Hollywood than you’ll get either in “entertainment news” or “legitimate” news sources’ take on Hollywood. You can call her crazy, but she went crazy by going through the same Hollywood machine that she is therefore self-evidently more qualified to critique than you.

Her take on “Middle East” politics is as religion-obsessed (and therefore totally inaccurate) as large portions of the mainstream media’s, but then for that exact reason, any of you who follow “Middle East” developments in a mainstream news source are in no position to judge her for bringing up Islam and Judaism when they’re not the real issue at hand (lol it’s the economy and the development of civil society and junk, stupid). And yeah, sure, she mentions “reptilians” in that article, but then, everyone in the mainstream media is also making up things for us to focus on in the place of serious political concerns, like “Israel’s right to exist”.

And speaking of which, that’s another thing I like about her: She knows that Israel is an apartheid state. That alone makes her smarter than half of Fox and CNN’s talking heads.

don't make jokes

The face of moral seriousness.

More importantly, she’s aware that we’re destroying our own future with our current capitalistic model of development, and that in the even shorter term we’re looking at potential economic collapse. Tila Tequila might be insane, but then what do we call a society that can’t even look itself in the mirror as it tries to control a planet it is leading the charge in destroying, taking thousands of lives a year through senseless wars in the process?

Honestly, I’m less bothered by her belief in archons or whatever than I am by the fact that apparently she’s a vegan or some shit.

Since I don’t believe our current electoral system can possibly result in anything other than symbolic support for one or the other flavor of oligarchical murderer, I’ll be voting for Tila Tequila in 2016. I hope she arrests all you reptilian warmongers.


12 thoughts on “Tila Tequila: Crazy, or More Lucid Than You?

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  2. There is nothing lucid about Tila Tequila. If you go back and read every post she’s made for the past year you’d realize that. First Nibiru was coming at the end of the Mayan calendar and now it’s not even the planet she claimed it was. She’s a cat alien from the future, she’s a re-incarnation of every famous woman who ever lived, no wait, she’s a super supreme angel who created the world. Jesus came to her when she died the 7th time and told her she’s the one, but then again she said the Jesus in the Bible was actually about Satan and the Bible doesn’t mean anything, except for when she quotes verses out of it, then you’re supposed to believe it.

    If you want to know what Tila Tequila cares about, read her post when she “is leaving Facebook forever for her own better website” and notice that she’s posting 10x a day on Facebook while decrying it as a CIA device that censors her posts. Nothing is censored. She got kicked off twitter for violating TOS, she got banned from Facebook for threatening to kill people. It’s when people like you give her 10 seconds of “she may be right” that she’ll feed off of. She thinks because she buys likes on Facebook that everything she says is read by 2 million people who hang on her every word and that the 70 likes a post get is Facebook censoring her. But the reason she’s back on Facebook is because even with all the fake accounts her website only got 1,000 sign ups, and she’d rather feed her ego saying “2 million people listen to me every time I speak” then seeing the real numbers from her own traffic.

    Look at how she says everything said about her was “slander” when the only lies to come out about Tila were the ones from her own mouth. When you’re lying about your job and location on Facebook is when you know a person has problems. What does Tila list for those two on her account?
    Time Traveler at Supreme Seraphim

    Lives in Singapore, Singapore

    Yeah, she’s crazy. And if you ever see a lucid post on Tila’s website or Facebook, run a sentence through google and you’ll find where she copied and pasted it from. Her last couple of posts on her website were just copied from other sites without credit given. She’s so set on giving out the truth that all she does is make vague posts and post pictures of herself. Not sure why you’re even giving her the time of day. I’ll leave you with this comment from her personal page:

    Tila Nguyen: Ok for example I have like 2 million people on my other page… and I just made a post and it will say that only 41 people saw the post out of my 2 million! Bitch are you serious? Stop censoring me you parasite faggots! They KNOW I am powerful.. THAT IS THE TRUTH! That’s why they try to play down my powers. Fucking bitches.

    Definitely sounds like a lucid pro-gay rights activist, right? lol What’s funny is that you’re pro-Tila when she doesn’t do anything for the betterment of the world. She made a post that she was going to travel around the world this summer helping those in need. Never happened. No pictures of her garden that she lives off of, no arranging her fans to do any charity work or any work for the environment. You’re praising a woman for doing nothing but sitting up all night posting on Facebook about how great and powerful she is. If that’s your idea of someone who brings about change then I can see why you’re so easily misled.

    • hahah ^^^^ yes you got her right on the head!!! She also says she create storms and when theres a thunderstorm outside thats her! I think she has a good intention with it but her ego is wayyyy out of control she needs to step back and reevaluate!

    • Well, you sure do twist her posts and fill it up with lies concocted by you to make her statements sound untrue. you are picking and choosing bits and pieces, bending them to form an unreal picture so that it makes no sense, when in fact the real deal makes perfect sense.

      both youtube and fb has censored her at times, I remember that. plus something did mess up her blog at one time so that commenting and sharing was much more difficult than normal, although I don’t know what caused it.

      anyone can go to her site and read up and decide on their own whether the content make sense to them or not. I have read her posts for over a year and to me most of her posts and statements makes a lot of sense and are coherent and consistent.
      Plus, the wisdom she is attaining and sharing freely with us is good stuff that can and will improve your way of thinking if you wise up ;)

      have a good day, even to the trolls ;) haha…

  3. We know Tila has always been a little crazy. Hell, that’s we liked her back in the day. She was that hot crazy girl that every guy wished he could have a fling with. However, what I want to know is, when did she get REALLY crazy? Was it during her heavy drug use? Was it after her brain injury? What kind of drugs is she using now? While it would seem her behavior is very consistent with heavy marijuana and hallucinogen use, I want to know which drug it is exactly that brings all the insane reptilian conspiracy theorist on the same level. I think Tila might need to take a look at what substance it is she continues to put into her mind and then reflect back on a time when she wasn’t considered “insane”.

    She does make a lot of stuff up. She does seem to fall for a lot of really stupid thing. For example she posted some retarded video the other day about a guy that was looking at google images of space and through that the reflections of the telescope imagers in the telescope mirrors were alien motherships and the image breaks were lasers from a war in space between the aliens. (LMFAO) How does anyone fall for that without being retarded high?

  4. Many things people call ‘crazy’ are not crazy when seen with a different perspective…. I would not be so quick to dismiss the ‘Archons”

  5. An excellant view on Tila Tequila by David Doyle! The entertainment industry still has a great deal of sexism, and racism at the top! Tila came from out of no where and through hard work, she has atttained some success. She did it all herself, without a dad who had a one hit wonder, without having been a Disney robot. child star. I’ve followed her career ever since she was on a famous rock star’s reality show.

    As much writing as Tila has been doing these days, many people are going to find fault with what she says and not agree with her. Maybe they are the ones that don’t understand her, or perhaps their “reality” is truely different. Just because one does not believe the same as another is no reason to attack with meanness. Some critics of her assume that she is wrong, then proceed to call her names and attack her online. There is no need for that!

    I think Mr Doyle presented a fair assessment of Ms. Tila. Much of what Tila says makes sense to me, but no one including myself will understand all of what she tells us. Tila is trying to do her best to help those who are interested … to awaken to what she sees and wants us to understand. For example, that there is “mind control” going on through the entertainment industry.

    People who don’t work in the industry like I do or Tila has are clueless to what goes on behind the scenes. Miley Cyrus is doing just fine making millions more off of the hype from an otherwise unimportant awards show. If you really want to know the truth about it, start with looking at Robin Thicke. He is the one who almost blew it for all the money makers. He will fall before Miley will.

    I’ve been a witness to Tila’s kindness before. She is a really good person! She has worked so very hard at marketing to get where she is now. Besides Myspace, the reality shows have been jump off point for Tila. Being that she is a petite Asian gal, she has been able to model, perform music and do some acting (reality TV is acting!) so she has been able to achieve some of her dreams while others are still dreaming about.

    Thank you to David Doyle for being fair and just with writing about Tila. She is not perfect, but then no one is! Through all the controversies there are messages that do make sense. To be loving towards one another and this planet we all share is one of those messages!

  6. Tila is pretty obviously insane. She contradicts herself all the time, posts pictures of space and says they are from her mind during her astral projections (oh, is that what they are calling LSD these days?), and let’s not forget her youtube videos that claim to “show” her making “energy balls” – there’s nothing there. Her explanation? You just can’t see it. It sounds a lot like the Emperor has no clothes. I think she is using drugs heavily and she has a lot of time on her hands. Her behavior is chaotic at best and if she is a “truth seeker” why is she so obsessed with taking pictures of herself and putting them online? If she really sought truth she would be looking into more than just reptilian-alien-illuminati-jew conspiracies. I feel bad for her and wish her the best, but anyone who thinks she might be somewhat sane needs to be slapped upside the head.

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