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Syria: As Everyone Knows

I almost don’t know where to start on why the US shouldn’t attack Syria, because many things I consider basic points of discussing Arab politics might be viewed as obscure points of trivia to the bulk of readership. So I’m going to write “as everyone knows” before a lot of these statements, but if you didn’t know one of the things I say, then you should maybe take that as a sign that you’re not well-informed enough to discuss Syrian politics or US foreign policy.

As everyone knows, the US is backing one side in the Syrian civil war already, with the help of other NATO members and the GCC (and some factions in Lebanon and it looks like Israel too). So the US is not neutral in the first place, and although I wish it would be, I have no illusions about our ability to change US policy towards Arab states. So people like me who ask the US to not drop bombs are specifically asking for that: Not dropping bombs on an already brutal civil war. We already have to live in a world where Russia, Iran, the PRC and some factions in Lebanon (NOT only Hizbullah) are backing the Syrian regime on the one side, and the US and its allies are backing the other side. Is it wrong for us to ask to not add more giant explosions to this?!

As everyone knows, of the more than 100,000 Syrians who have died in this brutal and senseless war, according to the anti-regime Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, about half were killed by anti-regime rebels, while the other half were killed by the horrible Ba’ath regime. So that is why the war is not a genocide by the Syrian regime, but just a brutal civil war between two brutal factions. And as everyone knows, of those killed, the majority were combatants, while many were innocent civilians.

in a nutshellAs everyone knows, the US is all ready to intervene over some chemical weapons, even though, as everyone knows, the US had no problem with Saddam’s use of chemical weapons against Kurds and Iranians, and as everyone knows, the US didn’t mind the use of white phosphorus by Israel in Gaza, and as everyone knows, the US used depleted uranium on Fallujah (never forget), where (as everyone but the liar and hypocrite, John Kerry knows) more civilians were killed in each of the two battles (forgetting the after-effects of the weapons the US used on children born in Fallujah) than in the recent attack in Damascus, according to the anti-regime Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. As everyone knows, the US government sheds crocodile tears for the children of Syria (in a civil war which the US is partially responsible for, in which the side the US supports has apparently already used chemical weapons), while ignoring the fact that Afghanistan is more dangerous for children than Syria at present (which, as everyone knows, is also the US’s fault).

don't deny itSo the US doesn’t look like the most trustworthy guardian for the people of Syria (and if it wants to be, how about it offers the thousands of Syrians who fled to Lebanon out of fear of a potential US attack safe refuge?), even if there weren’t many people in Syria who trust the Syrian regime more than they trust the rebels or the US, which as everyone knows, means that even when the Ba’ath regime is overthrown, many Syrians and Lebanese will only be too willing to continue to wage brutal war against opposing factions for years to come. And as everyone knows, the US government always does a great job of cleaning up the messes it makes in far-off countries about whose political history they appear totally ignorant.


2 thoughts on “Syria: As Everyone Knows

  1. Once again US citizens are simply ignored by those who rules them.
    And once again , like sheep, they bow their heads and accept everything eventually without a single protest.
    Bunch of sheep…”land of the free” my ass !

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