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I Hate America: We Ruined Afghanistan

Not satisfied to ruin our own country in small ways, occasionally our government gets fed up and ruins other countries in big ways. Every once in a while, more critically-minded media outlets check in on how those countries are doing. Such as the case last week when VICE did a piece on the impunity of crimes committed by people linked to the warlords in Afghanistan. The article is a good one, and I don’t write to criticize it (when am I ever critical?). I simply want to expand on some issues of Afghanistan’s history raised by the piece.

Looks legit.

So what do we notice in this documentary?

1) Criticizing the USSR’s influence in Afghanistan, the propagandist narrator seems upset that the Russians allow poverty to continue to exist in Afghanistan

Surely in the decades of US/UK meddling in Afghanistan, they have eradicated its poverty? No? It is today the poorest country outside of sub-Sahran Africa, including North Korea, despite foreign funding for Afghanistan and sanctions against North Korea? You don’t say!

2) In a video intended to condemn how bad things were in pro-Soviet Afghanistan, things still look better than they do in pro-US sources today

If the Russians were not doing enough to build Afghanistan up, then what can we say about the US and UK for allowing things to have gotten even worse? I suppose patriots who tell me that the US isn’t perfect but it should still be defended would not give the same credit to the USSR…

3) Nowhere in this do they condemn the lack of democracy under the pro-Soviet government

So if this is the case, they think that it would be better economically for Afghanistanis to be under a pro-UK/US government, even if it isn’t democratic, except we have now seen that economically is it not better for Afghanistanis, it is also not safe, so I guess every time the US and UK government/media alliance cry big crocodile tears for the plight of foreigners, we should assume it is a lie.

In fact, the killing referenced in the VICE piece at the top of this page is but one of many crimes committed with impunity in the horrific and lawless environment of Afghanistan today. Many warlords, whether associated with the monarchist government as in Beheshti’s case, or with the pro-Soviet government as in Dostum’s case, the US and UK seem perfectly happy to ally themselves with brutal killers in Afghanistan for the goal of… remaining in control of Afghanistan. Somehow this is supposed to be good for Afghanistani people.

June 6, 2012: Afghan villagers with the bodies of children reportedly killed in the NATO air strike. (Photo: Sabawoon Amarkhil/AFP)

June 6, 2012: Afghan villagers with the bodies of children reportedly killed in the NATO air strike. (Photo: Sabawoon Amarkhil/AFP)

Indeed, they seem perfectly happy to murder Afghanistanis or talk about power-sharing with the Taliban who this last war was supposedly to overthrow (although their rise to power in the first place was the US’s fault). But the last stable period that Afghanistan had (with its own criminal acts of course) was also the last time the US seemed to care about remaking Afghanistan by any means necessary (even though if you had to choose between living in the Afghanistan the US is building and the one it helped destroy, we both know which one you’d pick). Afghanistani peoples lives are generally shit, and it is pretty much all our fault.

Nearly every day I read some news from Afghanistan which depresses me, and I wonder how other Americans don’t constantly speak about our ruination of this country and demand our government start investing exclusively in direct development aid so that maybe Afghanistan can one day be a stable enough society to produce a political culture not dominated by warlords and clerics. I wonder this and I despair.

Anyway, now that you know how the Anglo-American Empire™ fucked Afghanistan into the worst shape ever and shows no signs of caring about its future fate. Hey, I hear we’re going to “fix” Syria too! Write, call and e-mail your representatives so they can know what you think about the US’s attempts to “help” foreigners.


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