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The Problem Isn’t Black Culture, The Problem Is You’re a Racist

Now that it’s not cool anymore to explain the differences between groups based on their ethnicity or race, and it’s not yet cool to think that institutionalized racism might be a fucking thing, people are turning to “culture” to explain why black people are still way poorer than whites, why they’re the most imprisoned, why their academic performance lags behind. The argument goes, white people aren’t responsible for problems in the black community, black people are. They’ve built a culture that values criminality, material goods, sex, drugs, and fun-having more than making grades or holding a decent job or staying out of prison.

This neatly explains all the problems anti-racists claim are indicative of lingering racism (or, very prevalent cloaked racism), and shifts responsibility from whites to blacks. It also avoids the speaker revealing themselves to be racist. It trades on the idea that everyone is equal, with equal ability and potential. But, like most racists’ attempts to co-opt anti-racist rhetoric, it falls hard because of a cynical lack of respect for the concepts.


“Yes, white people enslaved black people for hundreds of years, and yes, there are lingering effects of this in modern America. But culture is a major shaping force. That is where black people live, not in the past where their ancestors were enslaved.”

At first blush, the culture argument has a pretty progressive attitude. As I said, it uses anti-racist language and ideas to look well-meaning, right-minded, and egalitarian. Blacks have the same capacity for success, the same brain chemistry, and so on. It works on the assumption that classical racism (ie, “blacks are inferior”) is factually wrong. The thing is, you’ll often see this argument being used to discredit anti-racist efforts: By trying to be mindful and kind to poor disadvantaged black people, you’re not holding them to the same standard you would whites. The phrase “soft bigotry of low expectations” sometimes comes up in this culture argument, and does a good job of encapsulating the basic sentiment.

“Soft bigotry of low expectations” was a buzz-phrase used by George W. Bush to sell No Child Left Behind. To justify NCLB’s rigorous standards, he said it was racist to not apply them across the board, because, what, do you think black kids can’t do it? The phrase has been adopted as a format for snarky article titles and, more pertinently, as a bolster for the “black culture” argument. What it’s saying is that to be truly anti-racist, you have to treat everyone equally (in this case, meaning no special programs, affirmative action, outreach, etc.) and have the same expectations for everyone. It’s like colorblind racism: shut up about race, stop worrying about race, practice what you preach, and everything will be fine. But both of these positions rely on the pie-in-the-sky notion that blacks and whites are already on equal footing.

A recent study finds that poverty changes how your brain works. Being poor, preoccupied with clawing your way out of poverty, worrying about how you’re going to pay the bills, pay for groceries, pay for things more well-off people take for granted, imparts a 13-point IQ loss. This, say the authors, is equivalent to losing a night’s sleep or being a chronic alcoholic (add this to people who actually are alcoholics, and despair). It leads to a tighter focus on basic needs, impairs decision-making, and hampers the learning process. For people living in low-income areas, it would be unfair to hold them to the same standard. This isn’t to say someone from these areas can’t succeed or excel, but simply to point out that it’s ridiculous to expect them to be as upwardly mobile and successful as people in a better position.

People love to say “It’s about class, not race.” But numbers show that that’s crap, too. Income levels between races are very imbalanced, and household wealth levels are drastically more imbalanced than that. And while people can go ahead and pull out the “ambition and hard work” argument as to why black people have less money, it doesn’t change the results of the study. Poverty is of course only part of the problem. The lasting effects of violence, of broken families, have a similarly devastating effect on the black community.

If whites were in this position, they would be exactly the same. To believe otherwise is racist. And if you wanna do that, then fine, but stop fucking saying you’re not racist. This idea erases imbalances, unfairness, prejudice, and oppression by co-opting anti-racist language. It’s very sneaky racism. It asserts that liberals care so much about caring so much that they end up being racist by treating black people like they can’t manage themselves. And this can be true. But the phrase is meant to discredit attempts to solve the problems. The real problem, they claim, is cultural, and as such, it falls on the black community to fix it, not people who want to help blacks get into college, or into better jobs, or reform the justice system that totally works. It’s not the justice system’s fault it puts so many black men in prison for non-violent offenses, it’s all that God-dang rap music and thug culture poisoning the youth.


The “culture” argument presumes that black people were never oppressed. It’s immediately unviable because it’s so often paired with a whining cry of “slavery ended almost 150 years ago!” and then sometimes they’ll be sufficiently foolish to go so far as to acknowledge Jim Crow and segregation, which happened recently enough that your parents remember it. How is this relevant to the argument that black people are killing themselves with a toxic drug-money-sex-crazed culture? Because culture isn’t just created out of nowhere. It’s a long, long, long reaction to what a group experiences. Race isn’t real in the sense that it has no concrete, objective basis, but African-Americans are a real group and their culture is heavily based upon what they, as a race, have experienced.

So even if this argument about culture was true, if black culture really was the only thing holding them back as a people, it’s still whitey’s fault. Black culture was shaped by history, by the white-run country they live in. By the white government’s War on Drugs, which has helped put 840,000 black men in prison and destroyed nearly as many black families. I mean, I can’t even talk about how black culture was influenced without taking this argument apart.

White people often feel like they’re being judged for their ancestors’ sins, and this persecution complex really speaks volumes to how much people understand but won’t consciously acknowledge. They know slavery and segregation left scars, and they know the way blacks are treated in this country holds them back. But they want to throw off the chains of responsibility and come up with some explanation for black problems that don’t involve whites. In doing so, they demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of what culture is and how it works. They have no idea how culture comes about, what its purpose is. Or, perhaps more likely, they never gave up on racism. They say black culture is the problem because they aren’t allowed to say black people themselves are the problem. People who make this argument have a choice: either they’re a racist, or a total idiot (really, it’s both).

The black community has every right to demand more from itself. Every community has this right and should exercise it. What’s REALLY NOT OKAY is for white fuckers to scold blacks for not pulling themselves up fast enough. It’s not okay for outsiders to wring their hands over black kids liking shoes and gold and whatever when they’ve been brought up in a society that, above EVERYTHING else, wants us to buy shit. It’s wrong in every sense of the word to blame black culture for the problems they face.


258 thoughts on “The Problem Isn’t Black Culture, The Problem Is You’re a Racist

  1. You have to deal with past to have answers for the future. Just like the state of Texas wants to take the slave experience from text books, are you crazy. Our ancestors made this country prosperous, by being used as a commodity, being raped physically and mentally. So, it 400 -500 years later, it’s still slavery, just subliminal! So one of problems is; it’s easy to speak on shit you do not have a clue about, instead of telling others about their culture, ask. Whites you have been lied to as well but it’s easier to go with the media ( of all sorts). It makes many of you feel better about your biased comments s and actions. Do you feel better now?

    • The facts are someone with a blood line that once was a slave over 100 + years ago,,, DONT Give any one the right to lower the Quality of life for all othere races / ITS not expectable the way majority of American Blacks, Use this as EXCUSSES for being failures… & not doing good in school & refusing to learn a traid. & And spreading AIDS because they refuse to act responcible. The American Black as approx 17% of the total American population they commit 45-47% of crime.the American Black are based on state & feduary reports ( available to the public to look up) Most likly to murder, have & give Aids, not conform to socity norms. Commit the majority based of there population % commit the highest amount all crimes, except finatial & seirial killer, refuse education, Go to jail 3 in 5 of all black males will go to jail at some point ( for crimes they commit). There all so most likly to tell on them self & others. They talk so much that most times there own commints put them in jail. It sad that the vast majority of blacks are ” people” most people don’t want to associate or be around basted only because how blacks act. And the odds show hard it is to finding a quality american black. Blacks own actions make them out casts. No one no matter what color there skin is, want to be around any one who acts the way I showed the majority of blacks act

      • Couldn’t have said it better myself. That’s the true problem with the “poverty not race” argument: if you look at other areas in the world with similar (actually as you pointed out there are many places where African ghettos run with blacks would be considered luxurious) poverty levels the crime rate isn’t nearly as high. Not even close.
        And another thing, blacks have 100% control over how they maintain their yards, homes, streets and neighborhood. Why do we not see rampant pollution, thugs hanging on corners selling drugs and selling ass, decrepit homes, ect. at similar levels in white neighborhoods? Because we would never go for it. We’d put a stop to it. Yes, they can claim institutionalized racism is to blame for some things, but not their neighborhoods, not there culture, and, most importantly their piss-poor rude and offensive attitudes (I’m a server and blacks are *notoriously* rude and leave shit for tips. Even other black severs groan when they’re put in their section.)
        No more excuses. No more blame. Be civilized or at least be damn grateful for gentrification.

        • Wow!!! At least there is some Non-Black Americans, still left willing to see & Say the truth. Not allowing the PC Police to Make them afraid to say the truth. If the truth hurts, that don’t make the person or supporting facts Racesist ….. The only way to fix any problem is. To use Facts to point out the problem area… The US cencsus proved the American Black is 13% – to – 17% of the Total Population of America. There is no way for the American Black to make a fact based excusse for Blacks being 47% -to- 57% majority on any USA Population of listes.. The US Government has documented & counted Americas total Crime Rate & types committed , AIDS Rate, government welfair & Housing totals , education graduation rate,)) And the American Black is at the top % majority of every list I pointed out. Just look it up yourself ..All the things I listed can be found on the federal record ” Public Domain” every one has a right to see the facts, the without Question shows what I’m saying is 100% TRUE !!

    • “Our ancestors made this country prosperous, by being used as a commodity, being raped physically and mentally.”

      And all of the “whites” did nothing to make the country prosperous? It was all blacks that did that? GTFO.

      • FYI stupid Monkey … The white man has invented 99.9% of every thing used today. From the TV, Thelphone, Raido (ya should know, you steal them) the high way system ( Romans) the city grid, water aqueducts ( move water around), America constitution , Bill of rights ( blacks were never thought of as humans so they don’t apply to you) The Train, Bus( you take ) the cars ( you try to steal but to nigger stupid, to out run the cops) computers,( you steal sell for crack) Electricity, The lighter you burn your corner store down with) carpeting, jail ( you spend most your time there) the list would never end….. And with all the white mans inventions you would be living in the Stone Age & or dead because you see all over the would how blacks can’t support themself even feed there kids… Check mate coon). The Blacks Man invented -AIDS, the word Babby Momma, Ebonix, …. Nothing good.. But that’s expected from old old old farm equipment… Silly Monkey;-)

        • Wow! Look at that terrible grammar. Looks like that “White education” didn’t help you out after all. People like this make me laugh!

          • Who cares how I spell????? I do & Did not make millions spelling. I have Accountants, HR Person, And Billing department to do paper work… BUT ITS FUNNY HOW THATS ALL YOU ADDRESSED… NOTHING TO SAY ABOUT THE WHITE MAN HAS INVENTED MOST ALL, if not ALL THE THINGS PEOPLE USE !!!!!! Stupid Nigger!!!! I don’t need to spell. I make money not give spelling classes for a living.. IF you need a job,, send me your info, I will see if you can do the kinda work .Give you a shot… That you can turn In to millions if go out on your own, a few others have in the past, But guessing your to lazy to do the work …. I have given 100’s of Blacks jobs and all most, all of them Show how lazy they are. Right now the apprentices,, I hire start around $21 hr or so I have to double check. But $21 at least. ON JOB SITE , triad classes paid for with pay, needed to become journey man. My guys make up to & over $100 a hour based on day hours Holliday ext. so I love to show you how much a bum you are.. FYI I can call any one I want a nigger !!!! As long as there not working for me at the time. But Im Guessing you Won’t take the challenge !!!! Stupid !!!

            • You’re a complete imbecile. You don’t own a rat’s ass, let alone a business. It’s not that you can’t just spell; it’s that you spew incoherent and irrelevant drivel like a cloud spills rain. Sure, our white ancestors have invented a lot over the years, but you haven’t invented **** so maybe you should stick to what you know and not what OTHERS know.

              What you are is one of those racists that are racist because you’re afraid, and you’re afraid because you know you’re an unintelligent idiot and if you had ANY more competition you’d be completely on welfare and possibly even in a state home.

              Just admit it, you have no friends and your family is either brain dead or can’t stand you so you want to shed your negative feelings onto other people.

              Now that I’ve finished ripping you a new ***hole, let me say that I do not agree with this author. Essentially, this blog post says white people can do no right. Black people hold themselves down HEAVILY with this all-black crap: black owned business, black churches, black music, black language dialect. It makes you seem racist and alienates people from ALL other races from you, not just white people. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen a black student called an “Uncle Tom” or clowned on for being studious. How do you expect other people to respect you if you don’t? And btw, blacks were brought to America as indentured servants. It was a black man that sued and won to become the first actual slave owner of a black man. Also, the first indentured servants in the colonies were ALL white. Get your facts straight!

              Everyone can do a lot more to help eachother, regardless of some stupid *** **** like skin color. This is what it comes down to. MLK said it best (which this article argues against): judge by character not skin color.

              My family struggled greatly in rural West Virginia during the Great Depression, as did so many Americans. Now my family has a surgeon, 3 CEO’s (one of a billion dollar I ternational corporation), a lawyer, a politician and all but 2 in my family of 15+ have graduated college. Poverty makes some people stronger while for others, poverty is an EXCUSE for every failure and a reason to continue to fail.

              Help out your brother(/sister). We are all our brothers’ keepers. Eventually this racism thing will be a thing of the past, at least in the United States and idiots like the above commentor will cease to exist.

              But equality is equality. You can’t seriously expect the world to slow down and reorganize itself for you because your disposition or skin color isn’t fair; LIFE isn’t fair. Deal with it. Or it will consume you and all the blessings you fail to see you were born with.

        • Hmmm. I want to break this down a bit:
          1) The Roman empire included many many significant contributions from black Africans including a queen worth risking an empire for and several generals in the roman army.
          2) No black inventions: Penacillin, The street light, the carbon filament for lightbulbs (wide access not available until then), Artificial Heart Pacemaker control unit (before then only the rich could afford to be saved), etc…. African Americans have a knack for making a good invention a great one that the masses can ACTUALLY USE.
          3) Whites invented/created: Fear in a crowded movie theatre, the eradication or severe population reductions of indigenous peoples, syphilis, the spread of Christianity (by death or cooperation), etc…….
          4) American Highways are modeled after the German Autobahn. Hitler created a highway system in Germany as a mean to more easily mobilize his troops. Another anglo invention that comes out of War and Hate or Exploitation.
          5) Monkey Reference? Two words….Sandy Hook. Seems to me that the most heinous of American Society is the mentally disturbed white boy.

          “Some of the first, longest and most ambitious railroads in the nation were built in the South beginning in the late 1820s. By 1860 the South’s railroad network was one of the most extensive in the world, and nearly all of it had been constructed with slave labor.”
          Whether or not whoever’s grandpa owned slaves, they and their descendants were lifted up and put in the position they are by the labor of slaves. It’s a common defense that “*my* ancestors didn’t own slaves,” but that’s simply irrelevant. The country as a whole owes a great deal to the black community, and not just an apology. Reparation should be a cost of living in the United States.

      • Stop being such a jackass and stay on topic no one said whites didn’t do anything we are talking about the fact that they want to take the history of slavery out of history books thereby taking away the essential part or African American history

    • No one !!!! wants to Live , Work or be around American Blacks… Your saying this is all because the color of your skin ??? Not how most of you act?????? Blacks are there own worst problem….

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      • You know what though? That guy probably didn’t rape any black women, or kill any babies; and I can’t speak on his smell, but I don’t think he fucks dogs either. But you are still a nigger, a nigger with the brain capacity of a lesser primate, a nigger who I can guess based on statistics, hasn’t completed college; has more than a 40% chance of having gone to prison or will go in the future. Called the white guy the rapist did you? Who are you REALLY afraid of raping you, when you’re alone on the street? Is it the group of 3-4 white young adult men? No probably not. It’s the 3 black “men” with the walking gates of chimpanzees, and the brains of them too. Your race is a serious problem.

        • you three are idiots,sucks there are still people who feel this way, so much hate towards one another ,that’s why there is no progress, and American society is full of controversy. no race is better than the other get that in your heads. its a diverse society we live in today who knows,u might be mixed and your talking shit to your own ancestors, even if not ,how dare you, what makes u so perfect or better than the other race? judge yourself before you judge other, BTW not all black people are the same and not all white people are the same, so u don’t just go around calling people names,We all have different minds of our own,if you have nothing good to say keep your hateful words to each other. you guys feel like you can talk shit to each other online, how about u go say it face to face and see the outcome. Grow up people u live in 21th century.

        • Well said. You’re 100% right: people don’t fear the group of white boys, they fear the niggers with their asses hanging out. I am so tired of hearing excuses: BETTER YOURSELVES! Quit making excuses and DO something! Don’t abandon your pregnant niggress, don’t rob people, don’t kill people over a pair of gaudy Jordans. Learn to speak the language and you might sound of average intelligence. Get a job – even if it’s a shit job, it’s better than armed robbery. Quit being so loud, so rude, quit begging for cigarettes and money (“aye man lemmie get one ub dem squares “) – people may learn to tolerate or except the fact that the majority of you are resource-sucking apes but all-in-all you’ll never truly be welcome here. Slavery is wrong, but the biggest mistake we made for our children, our women, our country – was not shipping you back to the disease-ridden shit-hole you came from.
          You don’t like it? Go back to the Motherland. Oh, wait, true Africans hate you American niggers too.

          • Wow!!!!!! Great job saying the Truth….. I started thinking that the human race now has been so Blinded by Political Correct –BS….. That no one can see any more …. We all ready know FEW people have the honor to say it the way it is. . Good Job…

            • So, why the discrimination against law abiding, Black citizens, who are College graduates and don’t live in poverty? Somehow we are responsible for the actions of others and get stereotyped.

              • No.. I’m saying The small % of good, tax paying American Blacks, who work in the private sector & are law abiding should not be discriminated againts, Now Because such a huge Majority of American blacks act like Animals, and do such hight % of crime , aids, Governmet assistance, kids they can’t or refuse to support , ect. (As related to there American population) Facts show the American Blacks do the above listed acts a 100’s of times more then there % of population Or the expected % of population, When Conpaired to ALL other Races and there population % In America. Now I don’t belive I should continue to Look , hunt & keep trying to find the few Quality America Blacks, Any More!!!! Like I have in past. It all ways ends in a problem & it’s Normal for humans once they find that the Majority of (anything) is bad,…To STAY AWAY FROM IT ( anything ). Look at it this way …,do you pick up snakes you think are poisonous ??? I’m guessing No!! most people don’t… Because they know most ( not all) MOST Poisonous snaks will bite and poison them…See the point I explained?? All so, Now you explain to me ,, why in 2015 a American Black can walk through a Majority White middle or upper middle class area or apartment complex, And not be Attacted,or exposed to quality of life crimes or issues???.. But in 2015 A white Person can not walk through a Mostly Black or all Black area or Apartment complex in most of America. With out being Attacted or at the very least exposed to Quality of life crimes?????? Why IS THIS???! And before you say that I don’t know that’s true or not – FYI — I have done Business in most the states & City’s in America because of my because of my business. I have seen this for a fact !!! As the norm all across Amarica ,,,, And all so, I Grew Up in the Bronx NY.. So you can’t tell me this is not true….

        • You either went to a **** college or got a really low GPA. If you hadn’t, you would realize that voided your valid points by your childlike, emotional outburst of racism. Or perhaps you didn’t even go to college. Maybe you dropped out of high school to shove cucumbers up your *** wishing it was a black **** hahaha

          • Did you attend any school beyond high school FU? If you are black, it would be very easy for you to afford it as most blacks get a free ride all the way through.

  2. I want this article to explain why other groups who also suffered discrimination and poverty were able to lift themselves out of poverty e.g Jews, Asians, catholic immigrants from Europe. Why do blacks who are not descendants of slaves, suffer similar problems in the US and in other countries? Why are African countries so destitute? It is almost undeniable that the problem lies with black people, not with white people.

    • This is 100% True. The American black should thank the white race for supporting them through tax paid government programs welfare, health care & housing . Blacks are the only race that refuse to help them self. And if you live in the city as I do you see that the majority of blacks are openly racist. It’s sad that blacks have to lower the quality of life for all people. The truth is the truth. Yelling Racist will not excuse your actions. White people don’t want to be around blacks because of there actions. So who is to blame for this???

      • Very true Keith. I was not “racist”, if that’s what I am, before I moved to a city. Many whites who champion black causes are do not really know many black folks.

        • I don’t think your racist. Why should any one accept How the majority of blacks act. Its not your fault that blacks are at the top of every negative list. Blacks are aprox. 17% of population but make up approx 57% of all jailed “people” same for AIDS, goverenment services, ect. Look it up (fed & state crime stats by race) It’s just about percentages. Odds are the blacks “person” your going to deal with IS going to create a problem for you. Blacks should have to live up to the same expatations as all the other races. Why should you waste your time or put your money or safty at risk looking for the few % of black people that are good?

      • This is a point so many forget to ponder. Many other races have had much worse treatment in history, and they bettered themselves (most without government handouts either mind you.)
        It’s not just here as you pointed out. You need look no further than Africa to see that black people seem to be fundamentally unable to advance as a society. You can’t blame it all on whitey.

    • Well for one thing none of those other groups were the targeted subjects of slavery? None of them were sold and legally regarded as property, none of them faced the level of forced assimilation and cultural erasure on the level that African slaves did.
      African countries are so destitute in large part due to other countries colonizing them, arresting their growth and development, and then leaving with very little support to bring them up to speed or remain solvent without the imposed colonial structure.
      If you look at the history of these people and countries over the past couple hundred years, it looks like the problem actually lies far more with white people.

      • Your statment is NOT TRUE !! Most races have been salves at some point in time. Italians, Indians. Jew, Japs, Mexicans, ect.. And some for thousands of years. The American Black “person” WAS not the only group taken and made to be a slave. Look it up for yourself . The American Black is the only Race that can’t overcome this. The American black has all so had more help to improve themself but stil can’t overcome. The American black refuses to help themself. They only are willing to play the race card, saying all there failures and problem is because they were once discriminated against & there blood line was once inslaved. So What ! Most people can say that ! I wonder why American “blacks” can overcome just like all other groups of People from other races have? Because they were all so once inslaved , Discriminated and still are, did not get any help from government, but cover came. Improved themself and became productive members of America. So why can’t American “Blacks”? Think about it why ??

          • Yes !! Just off the top of my head the Japanese, & Indians and I’m sure others. Funny thing is thay all over came this issue. The government did not help them at All !! No laws that you had to hire them. No laws that you can’t call them names. But they worked hard paid to get educated and over came this issue. They all so never had a president that looked like them. Unlike the American Black. The American black don’t want to conform to America socity. They act like because of the history of there blood you owe me. Well life don’t work that way. If you don’t do the work and make a good life for your self. Then you will be poor and don’t blame that no one but yourself. But the American black thinks there special. The rules don’t apply to them. This may be why so many are in jail. The American black IS approxamety 17% of the population and commits 57% of the crime. Look up stats yourself federal & state population by race & then crime rate by race. Look it up. The blacks just refuse to conform & be productive members of socity. They all want to be rappers & fake gangsters & sports stars. It’s sad. But it’s True !!!

            • Wait the Japanese live in their OWN country. And Indians also live in their own country. Like, under their own control, and not of those that enslaved them. Also, as far as India goes, that was not slavery, but colonialism, if you’re talking about the British Raj.
              Obama runs America, but his election doesn’t signal a shift of control of America from one race to another. Like nobody would dream of making the claim that the US is run by black people. The majority of the legislature is still white Christian men, the majority of state and lower leaders are still white Christian men, the majority of law enforcement officials, and the people who determine policy of such are generally white. Obama has also done a pitiful amount of work for “his people;” probably more than many presidents, but very little in the long run.
              17% of the population committing 57% of the crime is troubling, but it doesn’t really imply much, as the question of WHY that statistic is true is still open. You and I obviously disagree, so that statistic means different things to both of us. Not a useful number for you.

              • So I guess the American black should just be give every white persons bank account, stock portfolio, house , car & Job even if they can’t do the job. I don’t think so ! This is why the American black will all way be on the bottom ring of society. It’s because of there Actions. What contributions to society has the American black done? They did not invent the TV, Car, Telephone, Air plane, train, city Grid, Control electricity, the list go’s on and on. And all most all I listed was invented by Italians 1000’s of years ago!!! Telephone was Marconi ( (not Edison he only got the patten look it up) air plane ( Micalaglo ) made flying machines 1000 years ago. City Grid the Roman Empire. All way before the American black was slaves. FYI In 1919 in New Orleans 8 Italian men Were linched ( hung from a tree) used as escape goats accused of a rape of a local woman. Turned out It’s was not even a Italian American did it. One of the police did it. Years latter it was proved. But the Italian Americans as a whole have been successfully in America. Heads of many huge corporations. All grew up in Bronx, on the same streets as American blacks. So I don’t cry for the American Black. Get off your ass earn a living. If you can’t do it here your are a stupid person. That’s it!

                • Just because you can cite instances of racist violence and murder happening to Italians doesn’t mean their situation was in any way comparable to being the subject of chattel slavery. My whole reason for making that post was to point out that it’s quite inaccurate to say Japan or India had gone through what black Americans have. Not that black people deserve to be handed the reins to the country or anything, just that it is incredibly misguided to use other races’ success after tribulations to indicate some shortcoming in black people, when the tribulations themselves are not comparable in the slightest.

                  Your inability to reasonably consider what reparation or true justice for black people would look like says to me that you have no interest in the idea whatsoever. I don’t see why you have to make up some fantasy about other races having gone through and overcome the exact same circumstances, when your MO is just straight up anti-black racism.

                  • Well the facts and stats put out by the state & Federal government of America along with my personal experience are 100% correct. They show how the American black lives , acts, HIV & Aids rate, Crime all the most of any group in America. And it’s easy to see after talking with you your just making excuses for the American black. They do crime at rates that are many times there population. Along with Aids & HIV rates that are scary. I find it funny how you don’t say anything about doing for your self you just complain. Well I don’t deal with blacks at all ! All the ones I have in the past, prove them self to be “people” of low quality ! I don’t hire ya , rent , to ya, or deal with ya. Because every time I tried in past you take you fulfill all the stereotypes of the American black. So Enjoy living like Animals you earned it. The whole word hate how American Black act. And as long as you act like Niggers I’m sure you will be treated like niggers. I’m done wasting my time with you.

                    • The facts and stats don’t necessarily lead to the conclusion you’ve drawn, though. That’s your own thought, not fact. If you want to take those tragic statistics as proof of inferiority, go ahead, but that’s why people say you’re racist. Because you choose to put the blame of such horrific truths on their race, instead of what has happened in the past and what has NOT happened to right that past.

                    • I could care less about what the America. black thinks of me. I have eliminated Your kind from my life. And as far as government stats showing your ” peoples” action what other conclusion can any reasonable person come to? Crime, Aids, kids you refuse to support, the word baby momma, & bad areas are all have shown america. So if you think that’s a good way to live? And are to lazy to fix it enjoy.

                    • Billions of words written all anti black. That tells me everything i need to know about them as a culture.

                  • I am 100% Anti How the majority of Americans blacks Act! So is Most People. You take from society not contribute. Except to the justice system & Jails. I have no use for you at all !

              • All so as far as American Blacks not running this country, Blacks are Approx. 17% of the population. Then you have to account for how many are in jail, don’t have a collage degree, Sick, or just sports stars & Rappers. How Many Are Left. May be 5% of total population. So they are fairly represented in government & police. They can’t just be handed jobs they did not work for get educated for. You can’t be this Ignorant. Just because your black don’t get you free every thing. I know it’s a stocking. When your used to getting free housing, food, money, medical, all stuff I have to pay for. That’s why I created a business.

                • Being fairly represented numerically (and your standard for that is a load of shit) has nothing to do with being in control of the country and your race’s position within that country. We aren’t talking about fairness, anyway. You made the outlandish claim that like American blacks, Indians and Japanese were enslaved, and now live in the country still run by their former masters. I was simply pointing out that you are outrageously wrong. Or, more likely, you just didn’t really process what I was saying and continued blathering about how “other races made it through bad shit, why can’t black people?”

                  All I’m saying is that their situation is in no way comparable to any other race I can think of. It seems like neither can you; you just don’t believe they deserve as much help or worry as they get.

                  • Appalachian whites-sometimes have no running water or electricity. Poverty on a scale only seen in developing countries. Why don’t we constantly hear about crime from these areas? A few stereotypes aside, I imagine most people would be more afraid to be in a black neighborhood than in an Appalachian community-and that’s with modern conveniences and a police presence nearby.

                    Why do so many black men drop out of school, abandon the women they impregnate, turn to crime (especially preying on each other), and spend their money on ‘bling’ and not on bettering life for themselves and their community? Oddly enough, why do so many in Nigeria (popularized by the scams) live the same way? That was colonialism, not slavery, right?

                    For that matter why does Africa lag so far behind other former colonial areas? Why do countries in Asia and Latin America seem to be more successful on average? After all, it’s not as if Latino countries were free from foreign influence once independence was achieved-United States history proves Americans have meddled in Latino affairs since the 1820s. Why did Haiti seem to be one of the worst countries in the Western Hemisphere even before the earthquake?

                    • Couldn’t have said it better myself. That’s the true problem with the “poverty not race” argument: if you look at other areas in the world with similar (actually as you pointed out there are many places where African ghettos run with blacks would be considered luxurious) poverty levels the crime rate isn’t nearly as high. Not even close.
                      And another thing, blacks have 100% control over how they maintain their yards, homes, streets and neighborhood. Why do we not see rampant pollution, thugs hanging on corners selling drugs and selling ass, decrepit homes, ect. at similar levels in white neighborhoods? Because we would never go for it. We’d put a stop to it. Yes, they can claim institutionalized racism is to blame for some things, but not their neighborhoods, not their culture, and, most importantly their piss-poor rude and offensive attitudes (I’m a server and blacks are *notoriously* rude and leave shit for tips. Even other black severs groan when they’re put in their section.)
                      No more excuses. No more blame. Be civilized or at least be damn grateful for gentrification.

            • “The blacks just refuse to conform & be productive members of socity. They all want to be rappers & fake gangsters & sports stars. It’s sad. But it’s True !!!”

              You forgot that they also love to complain, riot and loot.

          • Why are you even allowing these illiterate cretins to publish their nazi garbage on your site? Just dump these moron comments from these kkk/thug wankers. They are scum. We need to finish both the Civil War and WW II, obviously. Quit giving them a place to publish their filth.

    • Another wonderful point. How many other people were enslaved and systematically oppressed – millions upon millions, and for much longer times. THE HOLOCAUST ANYONE?? Almost each and every group has managed to pull themselves up. No, niggers are lazy and refuse to better themselves, they’d rather suck money from the rest of us and whine about how awful their life is. NAACP? “We take zero responsibility for our problems – it’s all whitey!!” Why are black neighborhoods so gross? So littered with trash? The least you could do is keep a clean neighborhood – it’s a start. And you cannot blame whitey for that. I’m so tired of it. The fact that black-on-black crime is so high pretty much nullifies what this whole article claims: you do it to yourselves.

    • It is harder for most to trust a person who shoes less emotion than others. Just think of the serial killers who don’t care what they did. This is part of evolution and survival.

      There have been studies (I can’t name them now because I really don’t want to find out their specs, but I am not making this up) that have proven it is harder to see the emotion on a darker face than a lighter face. Imagine a white face when it’s dark outside vs. a black face: you can see more expression on a white face. Or consider a light-complexioned black person (not mulatto) and then a very dark-complexioned black person. The human eye is trained to pick apart 20,000 different movements in a person’s face at one time. If, due to indoor lighting or even skin color, only 10,000 movements can be subconsciously identified, the subconscious does not like this and alerts your “gut” to feel suspicion or distrust. This is one reason black people are more disadvantaged than others and why even in Africa, blacks segregate and associate based on darkness or lightness of skin color.

      You may not believe this and it may not even be the ENTIRE reason. But it is valid and something that should be made consciously aware. This is often the reason why black people face harsher sentences on average for the same crime as offenders of other races; other times it could be blatant racism.

  3. Mr Wong, I don’t get the limited ‘black or white’ position you are championing, both in its lack of scope when referring to ethnicities and also philosophically by not acknowledging range of possibilities (i.e. shades of grey) between black and white. I also find the position of “If you don’t agree with me, you are a racist” disingenuous (or ignorant). If I were to view your discourse obtusely, I might even consider the position extremely arrogant. You appear to have overlooked or ignored the possibility of nuanced differences possible between black and white. I understand that taking such a limited view makes it simpler to argue the differences between the extremities of black and white, but life is more complex and people’s outlooks so diverse than to be easily confined to two camps, which it seems you have tried to do.

    Should I also mention how very American-centric your presented views appear to be? Although referring to ‘black’ seems to be P.C. for Americans when referring African-Americans, to me it sounds so limited in scope and empathy. All though the African-American population represents a significant ethnic group within North America, there are a great many more ‘blacks’, as you refer to them, spread around the world: South America, the African continent, Europe, etc. Furthermore, how should I consider my Anglo-Australian cultural relevance (Australia has its own cultural issues recognising a history of colonial dispossession, oppression, and cruelty directed toward the Australian Aborigines – historically, Australia’s indigenous inhabitants – whom I cringe to think of calling the ‘black’) in relation to your American ‘blacks’. That is to say, there are ‘whites’ (another unpleasant epithet) outside of North America who do not carry the cultural baggage of the American experience of ‘black’ versus ‘white’. But due to the lack of nuance expressed by your discourse, we other ‘whites’ might be included in your condemnation of ‘white’s’ insensitivity toward the experiences of African Americans.

    Despite the aforementioned, I think you make some very valid points regarding marginalised groups within the African-American population (admittedly, my experience of the African-American culture is limited as it through popular and news media that I gain my experience). Raising awareness of the existence of the hardships of particular groups of people and the range of possible factors contributing to said hardships is fundamental in bringing about a reassessment of a society’s values concerning the hardships experienced by marginalised groups and the factors contributing to them.

  4. Of course white people would be the same had they grown up in the same environment, wherever you find poverty and deprivation you find higher crime stats even without lingering racism, however you fail to understand the problem and perpetuate the same ignorant attitudes in black people as are causing the persistence of their disadvantagement in the first place when present in white people…. Unfair as it is, hypocricy will only make things worse.

    This is yet another article that’s more interested in blaming white people than addressing the problems constructively…. Once again the ignorance of history and reality strikes! Nobody blames Arabs, yet they’re just as complicit as the white man; most of the Atlantic slave trade went through the Arabs first. Approximately 5% of the population of slave owning nations actually owned slaves and that includes Moorish (African, or “blackey” if you go in for racism like that) slavery of Europeans before the Atlantic slave trade even bagan, everybody else profited indirectly economically because the cost of production is lowered when you use slaves and that saving is passed on to the customer.

    Black, white, brown and yellow alike are profiting economically as we speak from sweatshops where our clothes (or the materials they’re made from) and electronics are manufactured but who refuses to buy? What about your food, especially that GM crap that produces infertile seeds after the first crop that ties farmers to their corporate masters? Are you refusing to buy that? No, because you don’t have any choice in the matter and neither did the 95% of just about every nation on earth during every episode of slavery that stretches back to the beginnings of human history. So black people (and I mean the ignorant racist kind like yourself), get ready to owe *all* those people like *all* whites apparently owe you now.

    It was always necessary to demote slaves to the status of an animal before slavery could be accepted, racism towards blacks had to be justified and nurtured in the Arab world the same as in Europe, the New World and elsewhere, otherwise people wouldn’t have so readily accepted it. The church made the distinction with passages like that of the “beasts of the field” taking care of King Neuchednezzar for his seven years of madness, how great an impact do you think that would have on a largely uneducated and already religiously easily led populace who largely couldn’t read let alone properly reason? Part of the fight against slavery involved showing the people that blacks were human and showing them the injustices that were largely hidden from them, which speaks to the fact that they weren’t so aware as you paint them to be. Judging people of the past by the standards of today is anachronistic and gives a false impression of reality. Do read up on William Wilberforce and his ilk.

    Black people shooting other black people? Must be the fault of whitey! Black people knocking old white people out (often killing them), or beating up Jews? Must be the fault of whitey! Blacks freed from hardcore slavery? Must be the fault of whitey! Oh wait…. Yup, that’s right you’d still be in hardcore slavery were it not for the white people (mostly connected with fringe church groups like the Quakers) who fought it in the courts! Do you think it was some black uprising that ended that? There were plenty slave revolts and they were easily crushed. What about the white people who marched with black people in the civil rights movements? Oh yeah that’s right judging people individually on the content of their character would be a little too rational, lets just blame whitey as a whole and forget about inconvenient truths.

    The future belongs to the people of all races who are braught up to judge others according to who they are, rather than their skin colour. The future belongs to those who go out of their way to avoid exploitative business paradigms as far as is possible. The future belongs especially to those who create businesses on the back of avoiding and helping others avoid exploitative business models (similar to the ‘eco’ businesses that help people avoid environmentally harmful practices), which is eminently more possible now that the Internet exists. Adopting the same kind of willful ignorance that keeps black people down will not help to destroy it. Period.

    • Not True at all !!!!! I’m a white guy I was raised In The Bronx NY, just like black “people” Same schools same streets. But I finished school, Got a job, started businesses. And I’m not the only white guy that grew up like this. So this shows thats blacks only have them self to blame!! You got to do the work nothing is for free.

      • what year did you live in the Bronx, what part of the Bronx ? , The grand concourse , Pelham Bay , City Island , Mott Haven, which white area are you talking about Arthur Avenue, Fordham. Were and When, support what you said ” I’m a white guy I was raised in the Bronx NY , just like Black People”

            • Well the Niggers get there heads baseball batted so they stay out of phelam Bay (Bronx ) Area & park .. Its only 1of 3 areas left in bronx that’s nice.. & only because Italians ,, Irish,, a Jew ……. Have put them in there place. And you think your cute ? but your a asshole making fun of woman raped by niggers saying black then Italian…. FYI nothern Italy & island of Ponza was never over run by the Nigger “Moors”. But they did rape,, rob,, cheat ,, steal,, through the south …. Sad !!!! But Niggeres will all ways be Niggers

  5. Very sad that a writer actually feels comfortable posting this untruthful bull. If it were not for the white man, the entire black race would be long gone from hunger and disease. As for 2015, blacks have more opportunity to get ahead than any other race. Program after program. Grant after grant. Brother’s keeper after brothers keeper. Obama phone after Obama phone. Cash Assistance to pay for those 22″ rims.

    While all of the black students drop out of college with no debt, the other races are graduating with mountains of debt. There is no accountability in the black community. Nobody wants to talk about it at the moment. HOWEVER, there is a day coming when white people will simply say “enough”. At that time, it will be decided that the civil rights movement simply didn’t work. Mistakes happen. It created a crutch for an entire race of people. It enabled an entire race of people to be dependent and non productive. This time is quickly approaching. This is a conversation in every white household. Thank you ObamaCare for pissing us off to the point that we are done. Done with giving everything to a lost cause. Too far gone is the title of the upcoming conversation. Blacks know this. It’s happening. Start preparing for applied segregation. No excuses there.

    • I couldn’t agree more with your comment. I live near the inner city of Cincinnati and
      have lived similarly in Cleveland years ago. One would need to try real hard not to see what happens in these neighborhoods. Stereotypes exist for a reason. Need directions to the section 8 housing on my street? Just follow the trail of garbage lining the road…it’ll take you right there. These people have no respect for themselves or others. And we the people are supporting these lowlifes via our tax dollars. They need to have some dignity. As humans, we all can choose to do so in
      any circumstance. Now that’s equality.

    • “While all of the black students drop out of college with no debt”

      Even if blacks go to college(via affirmative action), they don’t pay for it. Working taxpayers pay for it. Most taxpayers are white.

      • It’s SAD but True that the American Black gets all the things you said handed to them on silver platters., free collage , government jobs, all that True!!!! … But a Nigger will all ways be a nigger.. Look at all the sports niggers 100 million dollars contracts loose all end up in jail.. Blacks are all show Talk !!!!!! This is why the cops beat there ass .. Blacks think they can say do what ever they want.. And act like that in custody.. Then beat down 1 on 1 most times… Not like how blacks fight… 10 on 1 This is because blacks refuse to conform to the human society.

    • Thank you!! I’ve been saying this for years. You can definitely tell that things are changing. Especially with this BLM farce that’s going on, it’s really ripping people over. However, I just hope it doesn’t turn too ugly. Unfortunately, it’s people like this writer who will impede on true progress.

  6. When the financial bubble bursts, we will have that upcoming conversation. We simply can’t afford the black race. $2 in and $18 out… doesn’t work.

  7. Federal & state crime stats show blacks are approx. 17 % of Americas population and commit approx 57% of the crime. And blacks are 16 time more likely to kill some one then white people. No other race commits this amount of crime. So why should any other race knowing the facts want to hire rent to or deal with blacks? But blacks blame the white man for all there Problems. It’s nuts! The truth is not racist. Blacks need to learn to support them self. Stop lowering the quality of life for all people and be productive members of society. Fyi white people don’t want to be around blacks because of how the majority of them act.Not the color of there skin.

    • So your happy that American Blacks who are 17% of the America’s population takes up 60-75% of all jail bed?? That 17% of the population sucks up 44% of all social services? That 17% of the population commit 67% of all murders on the east coast? that 17% of the population has a AIDS rate that’s 10s pluss of White people?The 17% population I’m talking about is America’s Black Population = apprx 17% – research I used (1) US Cences, 2)federal State crime stats by race 3)federal state Dep, Corrections population stats by race. And County population by race reviving government assistance.)

  8. My birth city is 95% white and there are alot of poor people there and they have no riots or looting, why is that? Is that just a black thing?

      • If you’re talking about slavery, roughly 80% of the human population is descended from slaves. Slavery historically has been a world-wide, cross-cultural crime. Nearly EVERY culture on the planet has enslaved other cultures and been enslaved. In no way, shape or form was slavery even CLOSE to an exclusive white-on-black crime.

        Maybe YOU should go learn something and stop inaccurately using slavery as an excuse for contemporary social problems within black America.

        • Boo Hoo— I’m Black !!!!!! there was once someone in my blood line that was a save. … Waaaa waaaa .. Now you must hire me over a white person who has the same or higher test score then mine…. I all so should be allowed to be rude , Assult and run from cops and when they beat my ass like they would any other person ( white, spannish, ect) It Be racisum….. Because I’m a Victom ….Waaaaaaaaa

        • Were those people slaves in the countries in which they now live, which are still under the control of the people that originally enslaved them? Were they subject to a color-coded racial system that is still applied today, as evidenced by the mountains of people in the comments here who tie every negative aspect of black communities to their race whilst ignoring the same behavior and problems in white communities?

          Slavery, like caste, is a universal evil. That doesn’t mean every instance of slavery is the same.

          • Is there any other Race except Blacks ??? that do as much Crime, have kids they refuse or can’t support, blame all there failures & problems due to slavery 100’s of years ago, Blacks Kill Blacks & others at such high rates ??? Blacks do many times more by % of population of all listed above , many times more then any other race…based on Blacks population % Vs the numbers & % of crime, killing, ECT… … Walk through any city you will see the majority of backs do all the negative, Violence, lowering quality of life for all ..Walk through the same city’s white area , you will see none of that kinda action or very little.. . The Vast Amount Of American Blacks Act like Animals.!!! ( I think blacks are some kinda missing link not all animal but not all human) And should be treated as such… If you want To be productive Americans. But (your actions show you don’t what that), If you want to be excepted and not hated by all other races???? Earn your place in society…. Stop all your crime, stop being rude, Finnish school or get a triad,, start a business ( blacks get all kinda government breaks) , Support your kids, that means get a job & pay all your kids & your Life expenses!!!!!!! and stop acting like scumbags !!!!! Stop being getto thugs!!!! …We all look at the way you acting, . And think that’s exactly what “I don’t want around me or my family” … And why should we except your Actions & the way you lower the quality of life for all .??????? .. The American Black has no real excuses for acting the way they do !!!!!!! Blacks are low quality, and examples of how not to act.!!!!!!! I hate Blacks because of how they act and how they destroy and lower quality of life for others that do all the right things in a normal society… FYI so do the majority of all other races !!!!!!!. Blacks are Scum bags, useless trash that would of all died off by now,, if not for all other Races of people supporting them.. You must be Black by all your Excusses ,, but taking no responsibility for your actions today…Or your How your kind acts today.. You only Cry about how it’s not you & your peoples Failures… For how you act NOW…. FYI the here & NOW is all that matters it’s all that we can fix , correct, or to plan for ones sussesfull future… But Blacks feel there above following the rules of Life & society… Because over 100+ years ago someone black was a slave… How stupid is that????.. So now you blacks are your own Repressors your own Masssa…..( just like 100+ years ago when other blacks sold you into savory) fYI every time you blacks loot riot & Burn your block… It just makes more People realize & finally except, you are Animals!!!!! and makes us all want to NOT be around you, Rent to you, Hire, or help you animals.. So keep up the good work of being wild Animals… Fyi if you were to do that stupid rioting looting & Burning In a middle or upper middle class white area. You Coons will would be stopped and or shot quickly by the people that live there.. No way all the other Races would let you loot & burn & riot ware we live… Silly Monkey….. ;-)

  9. You had my interest until the last paragraph. It’s really too bad that you had to undermine your whole argument with the single phrase “white fuckers”. All of the ill will, the animosity, and the hatred that I sense from the majority of American blacks comes through in an overflowing torrent. I was born white, but I didn’t learn to distrust blacks as part of some birthright, but rather by experiencing the words and deeds of blacks themselves. I can’t speak for anyone else, but if my wish to just avoid blacks and keep them out of my home is racist, then so be it. At least I don’t lie and pretend to be something I am obviously not.

    • You don’t say, as soon as someone stops being nice and addresses you directly, you fall apart?
      The words and deeds of black people don’t arise from a vacuum, is the point. If you’re bothered by the way an oppressed class acts, perhaps you should take an interest in what causes such behavior.

      • I don’t need or want !!! to be interested in any Ones Race But My Own… Until there Actions Lower the Quality of life for me or mine or others I care for. It’s Your Responsibility !!! The American Blacks issue. NOT any other race doing as HUGE amount of destructive behavior as The American Blacks. Blacks should be looking not making EXCUSSES … Check Mate… Game over.. ( now I’m going out back to wash & Wax my Viper ..) PS your welcome for the advice on how to make your own life … the dream you wanted… Use it or don’t….. only you will loss not mine..

      • Black people in contemporary America are not an oppressed class. It’s not enough to just SAY IT; you have to prove it.

        PROVE the ‘systematic’ oppression. Don’t point to what you consider the ‘outcomes,’ point to the SOURCE.

        It’s people like YOU who are keeping America divided, with your pseudo-Marxist rhetoric.

    • Interesting . . . . I knew the writer was full of shit from the first sentence. You’re a lot more generous than I am.

  10. Ok….. I’m racist…..
    I like my race and who I am.
    I live in a poor rural area. …….
    Its beautiful!
    People work to better their lives and their children’s.
    Nothing is perfect. … but it’s close to me.
    Like the ” hippie, dippie weatherman said in the 60’s. ………
    ” If you don’t like the weather……move!”
    If your not satisfied where you live move!!
    I don’t care about your culture….
    I’m proud of mine…..
    I don’t want to change you…..
    I want to preserve what’s around me and mine…….
    A Vietnam Vet said the following when asked , when , why , where and for what would he go back to war……
    ” I’ll let them have everything to the Stones River ….. and then i’ll fuck em up.”
    Y’all can have Ferguson, D.C., and Nashville. …. But drag your sorry asses into Macon County ……and be ready for shit to hit the fan and hell to follow!

  11. This must have been written by a negro. A typical negro. You guys get handout after handout after handout and you as a community can’t get it together. It’s all whiteys fault. Let’s just blame whitey for everything instead of actually looking at yourselves for once.

    What a joke.

  12. The Past is the Past… The Actions you and your Race Do NOW all that in 2015 Blacks are many times more likely to commit crimes ,Have & Pass AIDS, Be in jail at some point, be on Government services. All Proven Government Facts !!! ” Based on there Population”
    compared to ” Every other Races Populations” (in America)..this proves the majority of blacks are a problem!!! And all productive honest hard working Blacks should be denouncing how the majority of Blacks Act. NOT MAKING EXCESSES !!! For there failures and quality of life they destroy for all others … is the facts and US Census discovered Racesist? Is the only thing you can say, is Raceist ? That will get you NO WARE!!!! Get off your ass and earn the Nice house , car , money , stocks, investments ect. Stop making excusses. I have earned every thing I have. I have 1 yr collage & a GED. But I put together a company and worked hard & it took off !!! I became sussesfull. And the Money and my freedom it earned me is great. I can say do all most any thing I want. That’s the American dream.. And Any one can do it …… Because I could…. And Blacks are to stupid to take all the government bennifits made available to them now. To start there own businesses. And make a good living. But you American Blacks think Crying , & complaining is better because your to lazy to do the 5-6 years of 18 hour days 6-7 days a week to become a sussess story. Not another Blacks statistic …….

  13. When gangsta rap came out, I thought it was inherently racist because all it did was promote the worst stereotypes of black people. Meanwhile, liberals said that it was the ‘authentic’ voice of black America.

    25 something years later, liberals are in a tizzy, shrieking ‘What happened??!!’

    This is just one example.

    Here’s the truth of the matter: it’s WHITE LIBERALS who’ve kept black people down. It’s WHITE LIBERALS who’ve secured black people’s votes by telling them, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll keep giving you free stuff.’ It’s WHITE LIBERALS who keep black people poor and miserable, because if black people as a group became successful, they wouldn’t need the politics of resentment anymore.

    WHITE LIBERALS are running the plantation.

    Slavery ended 150 years ago. There isn’t one black person alive in America who was directly affected by slavery. I lost ancestors in the Holocaust. That was approx 70 years ago. Should I blame my personal problems on the Holocaust?

    No. That would be IDIOTIC.

    Stop blaming everyone else for your problems. It’s not working.

  14. jesus christ never seen such racist garbage in m entire life , keith talone should be shot dead as well as the other neo nazi white people making disgusting derogetory comments about black people. these people are clearly racist and they embody the same thing this article is talking about. thank you for this article. the fight must still continue until people like keith are dead and long gone.

    • “Keith Talone should be shot dead…..” Right there you proved his points my nigga! However you did not even attempt to rationally refute any of his points. I’m not surprised though, it is typical of your type (as indicated by your facebook posts).

    • Lol, yea that will help, why dont you enlist in the rev al war, he tends to see him self as hitler and you can be his nazi as you ur self put it. Dude get the fuck over your self.ALL LIVES MATTER not just black and white,oh by the way slavery today is way worse than then, oh and the best part is it dont mind your color. Stop living in the past. Ps this article could of been better with out all the dumb shit at the end.

  15. I hate black culture. Blacks are not the only ones stuck in poverty. I other races who barely have enough money to get by and don’t end up raising trash. pull up your pants, stop blasting your garbage rap music in your car, and stop calling each other niggas. It’s repulsive. Being poor is not an excuse for acting and looking like an idiot. Some , not all , act this way. This is poor parenting, and kids getting brainwashed as children into thinking this culture is cool. Our president doesn’t act like that , doesn’t talk in slang , why do some black people think this is acceptable. Then they get offended when we don’t take them seriously . Get your act together.

  16. Nationwide uprisings by blacks prove conclusively they all need to be confined, caged, locked up or shipped back to AAAAAfrica asap. The sooner the better. I agree with the post which sez when the next economic collapse comes we will have a “meaningful dialogue with blacks”, who will understand whether they like it or not there are no more handouts. Face it. You are all going back

  17. You are STILL blaming Whites for your stupidity and lack of resourcefulness.
    Even so-called “Educated Blacks” still cannot speak basic English (ex: “IT’S a lot of people here”, “SOMETME we go there”).

  18. All I know is if there were never any Blacks, Mexicans or Musilums in the world, the Universe would be Nirvana!

  19. Black, is a color. Not a country of origin. Having a community based on race is fundamentally racist. “Black Culture” exists because of white guilt. YOU DO NOT WANT THE INHABITANTS OF NORTH AMERICA TO THINK RACE CULTS ARE A GOOD IDEA! Black culture is racist and is pure poison.

  20. What about Liberia? Its a shitty country thats been run by freed slaves originally and free several decades short of 200 years. There is not a single western nation as poverty stricken. The idea that blacks are equivalent to whites is nice, but also seems a bit naive when you look at the heartless numbers. At some point its no longer “the system” that can be blamed, and almost 2 centuries of self rule seems past that point.

  21. I gave your article a fair shot and approached it with an open mind, but I disagree entirely. You’re entire article is based around a foundation of entitlement, which I believe is the fundamental difference between people who claim racism is at fault and those who claim culture is to blame.

    The fact of the matter is culture, whether that be business culture, school culture, ethnic culture, etc., plays a huge role in shaping the individual and the collective values of those who identify with a particular culture. That’s why companies spend billions annually on trying to shape their corporate culture. Go to any Fortune 500 company and you’ll find the same core principles within each. Thats because the success of a group of people does not come down to one person, it is the support structure and collective principles that ultimately determines its success.

    Look at all of the most successful business and societies in history, you’ll find a few common elements, but one you’ll see in every single one is a strong culture. Let’s face it, the black culture in America today is broken and black people can complain all they want about how that’s white peoples fault, but at the end of the day the only ones who can change a culture are the people within it.

  22. Even though you’re insanely racist, I’ll give you this, we definitely have a consumerist culture here in America. It’s not a pretty one either and it’s definitely had a negative impact on all cultures (Mexican, White, Black, Asian, whatever). However, your very racist and entitled article is wrong, culture is ultimately the root of the black American problem.

  23. Even if you actually, TRULY believe all your problems are “still whiteys fault” (no idea how you can type that phrase without feeling embarrassed) that still doesn’t explain or answer when or how you plan to fix it. Its not “whitey chastises us for not doing it fast enough” you are being chastised for not doing it AT ALL.

    So strange how in the 40s, 50’s, 60s, and earlier even, black communities were 10x better than they are now. You had your own businesses, clean neighborhoods, respectable positions and jobs, dressed well, were more polite, etc. Yet, MLK gives you your “freedom” and your biggest neighborhoods and cities you govern are often as bad as any third world nation out there, and often far more dangerous than even that. How is it you keep REGRESSING as you gain more freedom?

    I guess the plan for the black community is to just shout and yell grievances about racist whitey until, what? Whitey fixes all your problems for you and makes racist disappear? It seems that’s actually the only plan your community has. If you want to whine while the world keeps doing laps around you and passing you by, go for it. Yet the Jews, who suffered more than you more recently than you, thrive. The Asians, who were second class citizens in the US thrive. The Indians, a very recent upward moving class, thrive. Even Hispanic communities do far better. You are the only ones being left in the dust.

  24. You refer to hood culture as black culture. This is not the case as white people also participate in hood culture, although blacks disproportionately indulge in hood culture. Hood culture is bad, devoid of what race is indulging in it. It encourages violence, broken families, lack of a moral compass and focuses on street smarts as opposed to book smarts. As for black discrimination in the police force, there is no such thing as systemic racism, only individual racism by individual racists. The numbers of hate crimes and racism in general was reduced quite a lot until blm was formed and anti white hate crimes skyrocketed white anti black hate crimes remained minimal. The fact is blacks commit crimes far more often than whites, take homocide rates for example. Over 50% of homocides are committed by blacks while being only 13% percent of the population. If you think cops are framing black people for murder for the fun of it or they let white murderers go just because they are white, you’re a dumbass

  25. No. The problem is that a big portion of black community is obsessed with the cry baby idea of being victims of racism and use that that cry more . The majority of blacks in the US have a ridic attitude and are f rude and come around as classless. Nobody gives a chit about them to be racist. Slavery occurred in white communities way more than black ones but wtv fits your classic narrative. Blacks same as any other race are rude too but blacks have an aggression in general . Not all but a huge part.
    Last but not least, middle finger raised to the black lives matter recently . Every life matters so stick your reversed racism you know where amd delete my comment too for all I care.

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