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Why Every White Person You Know is Worse Than Farrakhan

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Everyone here at Be Young & Shut Up agrees that racism is pretty much terrible, and yet all of us are regularly accused of being racists ourselves. How do we account for this? Crackers. White people don’t like that we regularly speak out in critical terms of whiteness and the people who self-identify as white, and they misinterpret this as some kind of racism.

Let’s be real though, white people are the source of all of our problems. Ever since white people were invented by the colonial elite of the young Anglo American society as a means of social control, the population of this society has been plagued by the delusion that white people are both a meaningful and innocent group. But whiteness is at its very core a supremacist concept, a remnant of a colonial caste system we are still too barbaric to cast off. That’s really shitty, but we won’t be blamed for pointing it out, because we actually don’t judge people for being born into the social perception that they are part of a meaningful “cultural” or “racial” group called “white people,” we merely judge this false construct for existing.

“But David,” I hear a rhetorical voice saying. “Some people actually do hate white people. Some people, similarly raised within a society built on the social construct of race, who are socialized to think of themselves as non-white, actually dislike individuals for no reason other than the fact that they are judged to be white, regardless of their behavior. They are reverse racists, and as much as I agree that most of the ugliness of racism is against non-whites in our society, isn’t it possible, every once in a while, for blacks to persecute whites?”

Billboard reading: Fight Back Against Black Supremacy.

I guess. Maybe. Hypothetically. But not really. And here’s why:

Black supremacists exist, like, there are people in the real world who think that race is a real thing, are black, and think that whites are like, a separate species, and agree with all the freaky anti-miscegenation master race bullshit that the KKK does, but in reverse. When’s the last time any of them hurt anyone? It’s been a while, hasn’t it? For the most part, they hang out in bookstores and internet chat rooms (providing much less of a presence than virulent white supremacists do on Reddit, by the way), trying to bait white racists into an argument. They are pretty much harmless, and frankly most of them belong to an older generation. I occasionally meet such people in Brooklyn, and they’re pretty much all old people who lived through some pretty awful racism, and they “fight back” by saying nasty things about passing white people, but not, and this is a key part, killing or actually oppressing any of us. Just vaguely hoping to make us uncomfortable in revenge for all the real shit that they had to endure and that young black people still have to endure.

Black supremacist groups have basically no following, they just make a fair amount of noise, occasionally showing up around awesome rappers or making it into the news because the media likes sensationalist bullshit. While that is happening, even the nicest, most smiling-est white person you know is a beneficiary of a racist system that keeps black people down even when they’re not taking action that helps reinforce this system (like marrying other white people, thus slowing down white people’s eventual and glorious demise, or voting for mainstream politicians who do not challenge the status quo of racism and capitalism which reinforce the means of subjugation of black communities, etc.) I’m not trying to say that each individual white person is a monster, but if racism is about actually hurting people of the other “race,” then black supremacists have basically no impact, and thus are less dangerous to the other “race” than white people who just accept the status quo of a society which perpetuates the dangerous effects of its own racism every day.


23 thoughts on “Why Every White Person You Know is Worse Than Farrakhan

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  2. “white people are the source of all your problems” ? Are you for real? People are just people. Why talk about racism being terrible when your text is intensely racist? Maybe you are making a joke.

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  4. nah, i was just havin fun with you dicks for a sec, but shit, you people are serious, and theres the problem, actin above hate when really, yer amongst the most hateful people ive ever met, i dont even know what to say

  5. White is a skin color. So is black. And brown. And every other color under the sun that people’s genetic material creates.

    When you use terms that boil another person down to nothing more than the color of their skin, you are being racially discriminating.

    I’m not called a ‘cracka’ because I cut someone off in traffic. It’s a racial slur. I’m not called ‘cracka’ because of the car I was driving, or even because I was driving at all, I’m not called ‘cracka’ because my hair is brown or because I’m a female. I’m called ‘cracka’ because my skin is white, and I made someone mad.

    It’s okay to admit it.

    If you can’t admit you’re a racist, you’ll never overcome it.

    Maybe you don’t want to overcome it. Maybe you feel like whites should suffer the sting of racism for a couple hundred years, just so we can ‘know’ what it feels like, to be discriminated against.

    If that’s how you feel, admit that, too.

    I can respect someone who admits ‘I don’t like you, not because I know anything about you, but because of the color of your skin.’ If we both know where you’re coming from, we can find a way to work together, even if you don’t like me or even if I don’t like you.

    What I can’t respect is anyone who lies to themselves, and to everyone else, trying to convince me that what they’re eating, and trying to serve to their audience, is filet mignon, when it’s nothing more than shit on a shingle.

    You know WHY I know that what you’re serving is shit on a shingle? Because as a recovering racist, it’s the same convoluted, illogical, self-serving nonsense I used to try serving myself, back in the day. It sounds good. It makes you feel good to say. If they hate you, why not hate them back, right?

    I don’t dislike you for your feelings. I’m sure you’ve got plenty of reason to feel that way. I’m sure you’ve experienced the bite of racism in your life, and it pissed you off… but if you want it to stop, if you ever want it to end, two wrongs don’t make a right.

    But don’t take it from me. Take it from someone who struggled with oppression and discrimination much greater than you or I have ever experienced in our lifetime, yet still understood that, for our world to work, we can’t continue to struggle against one another, but to work with those who are willing work with us, and win the fight against racism and injustice with LOVE.

    “And that is something that I must say to my people who stand on the worn threshold which leads into the palace of justice. In the process of gaining our rightful place we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred.

    We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our creative protests to degenerate into physical violence. Again and again we must. rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force. The marvelous new militancy which has engulfed the Negro community must not lead us to distrust all white people, for many of our white brothers, as evidenced by their presence here today, have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny.”

    ~ from Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr’s ‘I Have A Dream’ Speech

    I don’t claim to know what it’s like, living your life, but what I can claim with certainty is that living a life of anger and hate hurts you, everyone around you, and helps no one. I didn’t like who I was, even though it wasn’t my choice to be that way. I was taught to be a bigot from childhood, but when I grew up, I realized that the ways I was taught weren’t right, and began to work on changing them.

    Am I perfect? Hell, no.
    Is it scary to admit that I was raised racist? Yes, because there are people out there that won’t see my progress, they’ll just see who I used to be… who I was TAUGHT to be, and they’ll hate me on principle. They’ll attack me. They’ll say nasty things about me.

    And that’s their choice.

    I chose to be courageous. I chose to brave the anger and reach out to others who are sick and tired of the hate and anger on ALL sides.

    Just like it’s your choice to continue spreading malcontent, writing inflammatory articles just for the sensationalism and the pats on the back from those who think like you do.

    Or you can choose to be courageous, and stand up and say you refuse to be part of the problem any more, that you choose to be part of the solution.

    No matter which you choose, know what you’re choosing, and be honest with yourself about what, exactly, you’re serving up on the buffet.

    Blessings upon you and your family,


    • White people feel courageous for teling other white people to not be so mean to white people. Racism is no longer a problem for black people thanks to you, you brave, brave individual.

      • I don’t care what color you are, when you spread dissent about ANY race, you’re part of the problem, not part of the solution.

        And I didn’t expect to be applauded. I expected plenty of comments exactly like yours; but I didn’t say what I said to win a popularity contest.

        I stopped jumping on everyone else’s bandwagon to get empty approval a long time ago.

        I simply don’t see how articles like this help anyone at all, and said so.

      • Thank you for sharing that link… I’ve got a friend in Britain who has been blind from birth, and that was one subject which we never got around to discussing.

        I think it would be obvious that blind people would still consider race to matter… because it does to everyone else. They’re blind, but they’re not deaf, too (well, most aren’t). They hear the prejudices and commentary from others around them about race, just like sighted children do. They’re taught the same racial prejudices from birth that sighted children are, the only difference is that they have to ask or touch someone to find out which ‘group’ they belong to, instead of using sight alone.

        Does that make sense? Just because they can’t see doesn’t mean that they weren’t audibly indoctrinated with the same bigotry everyone else was.

        At least, that’s my personal take on it.

      • I didn’t say you said it at all, and I wasn’t trying to imply you had… I thought I’d checked my pronouns to make sure, but if I missed one, I apologize.

        I was using it as an example to make a point, but feel free to replace ‘cracka’ with ‘cracker’, ‘whitey’, ‘whitebread’ or any other term you like… you could even switch it around and replace ‘white’ terms with those for blacks, or hispanics, or asians… it’s all the same. I don’t care how much people insist it isn’t true, the names people call each other, especially in anger, are often based on skin color and nothing else.

        Except of course, things like ‘asshole’, lol… those, I think, are fairly race neutral. ;)

        Look, I’m sorry if my reply to your post seemed self-righteous. It wasn’t intended to be. I truly just wish that ALL of us would stop promoting negatives, and promote communication and openness, which can’t be done when we’re all stirring dissent.

        We all have the potential to be assholes… I just wish we wouldn’t choose to be quite so often. And if I came across as a self-righteous asshole, I apologize, but I hope that you can see that it wasn’t my intent to, at least.

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  8. “Every White Person You Know Is Worse Than…”
    The title says it all. The author is just another anti-white.
    And as to Kraftedkhaos advice to “…. win the fight against racism and injustice with LOVE.”
    Try getting justice if you are a pro-white dissident. The entire FBI came down on me when I was fighting alone in federal court.
    Not to mention what were apparently one or two corrupt, anti-white federal judges.

  9. I had to do it again, and I hate signing in to wordpress all the time but your blog is on point.

    Key things I wanted to point out and not really to the blogger but to the comments. Black is not a skin color at all. There is no one as black as a cat or trash bag. Extremely melanated perhaps but never black. Just as white people are not white. I have yet to meet a Caucasian who is as white as a piece of paper. I can’t believe this is a debate. It’s fact. I mean it’s brutally honest I guess for whites apparently, but it is a fact.

  10. Time to find solutions instead of each race saying over and over that the other is the cause of just about everything that’s bad. I suggest a breakup of America into two countries, where the poor set-upon Afro Americans/blacks/negroes/darkies/coloreds don’t have to put up with shit anymore. Yes, it’ll be hard to do, but the long-term results will be just what we need. Peace and quiet.

    Monet360, you are being too fussy. “White” and “Black” are of course not perfectly accurate but everybody knows what these terms mean when it comes to cultural groups who have problems with each other.

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