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I Hate America: Hitler Day

So today is Columbus Day. I almost feel as if this doesn’t even need explaining any more, but just in case, here we go:

I fucking detest Columbus Day and everything about it. It is so disgusting words cannot even convey. Of course I’m always glad for the day off as much as anyone, but I hope that there is no one left, even in this stupid country, who still has even a modicum of respect for Christopher Columbus.

Just to recap: Christopher Columbus was a rapist and mass murderer who did it all for the money. He shouldn’t even be part of the national mythology of this dumb country because he was never a citizen of it or shared in its republican worldview. The only reason he gets a day is that the Catholic elements within the white supremacist elite at the head of most early American states needed a forefather to represent their theft of the land from the Native Americans and their slaughter and exploitation and all of that.

fuck columbus

Doing it right.

Actually, in that respect, it makes a good deal of sense why the sort of right-wing lunatics who have always constituted the elite in the Americas would like him. Like Columbus, the US government and corporations are all about raping and killing poor non-whites for money. This country does kind of carry on his legacy, I suppose. But It doesn’t really make any sense that people who don’t directly benefit from that sort of behavior would identify with its cultural symbols, unless we tacitly accept that our government has a right to murder brown people.


Some people people are getting around all that by calling today “Indigenous People’s Day.” I suppose that’s fine, so long as you’re actually acknowledging the heinous and genocidal behavior of Columbus and his successors in conquest and the victims thereof (as most Native Americans do), and not just “celebrating Native heritage” (this is totally white liberals’ thing), thereby erasing the immense and widespread suffering that is a direct result of the behavior of Christopher Columbus, whose landing in America today represents. Let me repeat that, crackers: You cannot just make this a day about multiculturalism or how cute Native Americans are, because it’s a day which explicitly marks the beginning of their slaughter and subjugation by white devils. Making it a cute liberal holiday would be like marking Hitler’s birthday as a day for listening to Klezmer or Gypsy folk music.


Columbus Day marks genocide, and there is no avoiding this fact. While my first goal is making sure everyone alive in the Americas recognizes and abhors this reality, I won’t rest until either the day ceases to be marked at all, or it is marked only by condemnation of Columbus and his successors. Just taking the day off and not talking about what was done does not suffice. It cannot and will not.

I’ll leave you with some Public Enemy:


6 thoughts on “I Hate America: Hitler Day

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  3. You sick and twisted jerkass! If you really want to be a slave of Hitler, be my guest. Just don’t be surprised if he blows your family and you to death.

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