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11 Things Only A Person Would Understand

Hey all you humans, you know what it’s like. At least BYSU understands.

1. You don’t have any plans for your birthday.

the joker in his nurse's outfit saying "do i really look like a guy with a plan?"

2. Waking up really, really hungry.

wrestler guy getting up with crazed hulk anger in his eyes


3. That really annoying friend of a friend.

that dude from community talking to someone from offscreen and saying "everyone wants you to shut up!"

4. Feeling really tired after a long work day.

a bunny falling asleep in a bunny sized cubicle all adorably

Every. Single. Day.

5. When something itches.

hamtaro scratching all cutely

And then you scratch it…but then it gets itchy AGAIN!

6. Walking in on a conversation where people were just talking about you.

superbad's jonah hill being sarcastic and saying "that's the coolest fucking story i've ever heard in my entire life. that's insane. can i hear it again? do you have time?"

Oh no, carry on. I’ll just be here.

7. Crushing on your friend’s significant other.

scott looking at a kardashian and another guy with a pained look on his face

8. When you have to pee, but it’s not the time or place.

Mulan struttin out into the man camp

What you couldn’t see is Mulan was doing Kegels during the entire training montage.

9. Having jokes that make your friends laugh, but everyone else side-eye you.

a duck laughing in a group of ducks who DGAF

10. Spending too long in the bathroom and everyone knows you’re pooping.

ryan gosling putting on his pants with an uncomfortable expression on his face

11. When people try to sell you stuff.


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