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Amy Chua Can Learn a LOT from Her New Haven Neighbors, by Frank Chi

new haven speaks

Frank Chi Yale Law School professor and New Haven resident Amy Chua has created quite a racial stir over the past three years. In 2011, she wrote about how  “Chinese Mothers are Superior”  through parenting that involves calling her children “garbage” and preventing them from going to the bathroom until they’ve mastered a piano piece. Last month, she released a new book with her husband (also a law professor at Yale) called “The Triple Package.” The book’s thesis is that cultures that have “a superiority complex” are the chosen ones to succeed in America. Who makes her cut? Chinese-Americans, Jews, Mormons. Who’s among those destined to fail? African-Americans and Latinos. You can read a brief version of their book in the  New York Times  called:  “What Drives Success?”

Chua’s arguments revisit the age-old nature vs. nurture debate based on flimsy data and a superiority complex bordering on racism. But I won’t indulge…

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