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The US Army Just Suspended Its Top Sexual Assault Prosecutor On Account of Him Sexually Assaulting Someone


The issue of sexual assault in the military is finally getting a bit of official attention in the form of a congressional committee and investigations. That’s cool, but unfortunately a lot of the responsibility has been passed on to the military, cause you should definitely trust someone who’s got a historically huge and dire problem to fix it themselves. Proving their incompetence in every area besides bombing civilians, the army’s top prosecutor in this area, Lt. Col. Jay Morse, has been suspended due to allegations of sexual assault.

“…the Army lawyer alleged that Morse attempted to kiss and grope her against her will. The alleged assault reportedly took place in a hotel room at a 2011 sexual assault legal conference attended by special victims prosecutors in Alexandria, Va., before he was appointed as chief of the Trial Counsel Assistance Program.”

Stars and Stripes

Yo, did you get that? Did you get that? The assault took place at a conference about how to deal with the disturbing rate of sexual assault in the military, shortly before the accused was appointed head of a program whose purpose is to defend victims and witnesses from the corruption and unfairness inherent to a system run by people like him. This isn’t the first time the armed forces chose a sexual predator to see to this problem. Last year, an Air Force sexual assault prevention officer was arrested after trying to assault a woman in a parking lot. This is so common that it might make a person say “gee, they should really look into the issue of sexual assault in the military!”


Sexual assault in the military is being looked at as an isolated issue within the structure, when it’s become super apparent that there are major issues contributing to, and standing in the way of alleviating, the sickness. All of the service members entrusted with addressing this problem are products of the system, have to still get along with coworkers who think sexual predators shouldn’t be prosecuted, and are under pressure to minimize assault statistics. And just yesterday, the senate rejected a bill that would remove army command staff from the reporting and prosecution process. Yup, the senate decided it’s not totally fucking ludicrous that assault victims have to report through their commanding officer.

“What Senator Gillibrand is doing is way off-base,” said Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, his voice rising. “It will not get us to the promised land of having fewer sexual assaults.”

-Oh Really I Kind of Thought This Bill Was About Giving Victims an Actually Safe Place to Turn To, Senator Shitstain

Why do members of the military structure have to be responsible for this? Why can’t a civilian expert come in and handle things? Because they don’t understand the military culture? What about the military is so special that their sexual assault problem can’t be addressed by people with no clout in the command structure? If the answer is “because only members of the military can navigate the politics involved,” you probably need to make bigger changes, you guys.


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