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White Man March 2014 Was a Great Success

This year’s White Man March was a great success. On March 15, 2014, I marched downtown with my fellow white brothers (all six of them), my face uncovered, and feeling proud, white, and represented. For those who kept pestering us about white women joining us in the march, well, they can’t. It’s not allowed, and I hope we can finally put those horrible rumors to rest.

Our message was simple. Diversity = White GeNOcide. And while it feels awkward to say the word “geNOcide” with the emphasis on the second syllable like that, we marched and chanted it until we were heard by all downtown witnesses. The very memory of it brings tears to my eyes. We expected a backlash from others. But instead, we could not have asked for more support from communities of people of color, or as my granddad Walter Gene Schroeder Taylor likes to say, “coloreds.” The trending hashtag that echoed our grievances was all over the Internet this Saturday, and I thank the participating POCs who came out to support us. Check out some of the amazing tweets some people tweeted:



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