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These Disney Princesses Reimagined As Other Stuff Are So Inspiring

You can thank artist Danny Barracuda for some extremely unique and inspiring nostalgia and pop-culture mashups, which you’ve definitely never seen before and are not tired of.

Title image: Disney Princesses REIMAGINED! So Inspiring! This is a new idea! Unique as hell! To see them as NOT Princesses! Like you've never seen before! [Poorly scribbled Disney logo--Please don't sue me]

Cinderella as a Planned Parenthood Clinic Escort

Cinderella with fist raised in the air, wearing a t-shirt that says "I stand with Planned Parenthood." Across the street are angry pro-lifers, but Cinderella doesn't give two shits about those guys cuz she's got work to do.

Jasmine as Lea Salonga

Jasmine's hair and body with what I thought was Lea Salonga's face--well at least I tried.

Aurora as Mathilda from Leon the Professional

Mathilda's hair, necklace, striped shirt, and stuffed animal bunny rabbit, with Aurora's face, but Aurora is basically not recognizeable without her long flowing blond hair. Take THAT, Aurora.

Mulan as Prince Zuko

Firebender Mulan is looking at her reflection, either singing "Reflection" or saying "I must capture the Avatar." One half of her face is burned over the eye area. Her head is surrounded by flames.

Belle as Criss Angel

Belle suddenly has nasty, matted hair, eye bags, and stubble. Also she wears ugly chains and ripped clothing, and there's some goth magic related stuff floating around her, like cards and keys and handcuffs, etc.

Pochahontas as a Falcon

It's a fucking falcon

Snow White as White Supremacist America

Just a picture of the United States

Tiana as a Frog

By far the most unique idea of the bunch

Ariel as a Bowl of Spaghetti

A bowl of spaghetti wearing Ariel's amazing hairdo. It is glorious, and probably delicious.


One thought on “These Disney Princesses Reimagined As Other Stuff Are So Inspiring

  1. MULAN AS ZUKO!!!!! The Snow White one was pretty great too. As a tumblr person, I’ve seen my fair share of princess re-imaginings, so I can say with some authority that these are definitely the best. Thank you for sharing these!! :D

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